Former 'Bachelorette' Star Claims Sexual Assault on Set

Meredith Phillips, who appeared on the second season of the ABC series, reveals that she was sexually assault on set by a female masseuse.

AceShowbiz - A former contestant on U.S. dating show The Bachelorette has alleged she was assaulted during the filming of the reality series.

Meredith Phillips, who appeared on the second season of The Bachelor in 2004 and became the star of The Bachelorette the following year, claims she was the victim of inappropriate conduct at the hands of a female masseuse on set.

During an interview with TV blogger Steve Carbone on Wednesday, May 23, the reality star said she was drugged with Tylenol.

"I couldn't move my body," she said. "When she (masseuse) drew me a bath and got in with me naked, I couldn't do anything."

She added, "It was difficult, I will say that. Just because this is my life, everyone who I care about is going to see this and I'm not going to say something that isn't true to me."

Phillips initially decided not to speak out about the alleged assault but admits hiding her experience was taking it's toll.

"Normally I wouldn't really talk about this, but I'm going to tell you because it's bothered me for years," she told Carbone.

She also noted the masseuse was hired by a producer on The Bachelor.

"She was hired to give me a massage and she said, 'I'm going to give you a pill'. I just assumed it was an aspirin or something to loosen up my back or a Tylenol or something, and it wasn't that, that's for sure," she said. "The last thing I remember is she got naked and she was in the tub with me rubbing my back and rubbing areas that probably she shouldn't have. Then I was put in bed. I woke up naked. Don't remember a lot. I wasn't even drinking."

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