Stephen Amell and More Address Kreisberg Sexual Harassment Investigation

Meanwhile, Caity Lotz took to her Twitter account to promise 'the brave women and men who are coming forward to condemn their abusers' her support.

AceShowbiz - Following %cMelissa Benoist%, %cChyler Leigh% and %cEmily Bett Rickards%, "Arrow" star %cStephen Amell% has also come forward to address sexual harassment against The CW show's producer Andrew Kreisberg, who was quickly suspended following the allegations. In a Facebook video posted on Monday, November 13, the actor said, "I have no interest in speaking about an ongoing investigation … other than to say WB is conducting an investigation into what is being alleged against one of the producers on our show, and if they need my help in any way, shape or form, they will get it."

"I thought that it was appropriate before I spoke to you or before I spoke publicly, to speak with our cast and our crew, which I got the chance to do this morning," he went on saying. "I certainly can't pontificate in an eloquent way or in such a succinct manner like Emily did, like Melissa did, like %cCaity Lotz% did."

The Arrow depicter later promised to "stand behind and fully support everything that they said," adding, "Our biggest asset on 'Arrow' is our crew, and further more, their biggest strength and our biggest strength is working on it as a team. I think that we can do this because we promote and we champion a safe and progressive work environment."

Stephen added, "I told them this morning, and I tell you now--and I meant it--that if anyone ever feels anything less than 100 percent safe, or anyone feels as through they aren't allowed to express themselves and be the person that they are, that they should come to whomever they are supposed to go to and that I'll stand right besides them, right behind them, I'll speak on their behalf if need be."

He concluded, "In situations like this if you're not an active part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem. Period. That's it." Before ending his video, he reassured that he echoed "the statements made by my friend and co-worker Emily Bett Rickards, Caity Lotz, Melissa Benoist and the chorus of others that have come forward and called for a safe, progressive, equal working environment."

Caity previously took to Twitter to promise "the brave women and men who are coming forward to condemn their abusers" her support, writing, "I add my voice to the choir of support." She continued to say, "You are the ones ushering in change that would allow all of us to work in an environment where we are respected and safe."

%cDavid Ramsey% echoed his co-stars' remarks regarding Kreisberg and the whole sexual harassment issue. Taking to his Twitter account, the John Diggle depicter wrote, "Amen & Amen! You @EmilyBett @MelissaBenoist and so many courageous women remain the true heroes of us all!"

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