Watch Melissa McCarthy, Jodie Foster, Adam Sandler Ruin Their Han Solo Auditions on 'CONAN'

Bill Hader, Will Arnett, Kumail Nanjiani, 50 Cent and Jeff Goldblum also audition for the role of young Han Solo, although some of them are not aware of the 'Star Wars' mythology.

AceShowbiz - Before %cAlden Ehrenreich% nabbed the role of young Han Solo, a number of A-listers were apparently also vying for the part. %cConan O'Brien% revealed on his show "CONAN" on Saturday, July 23 a clip that compiled the stars' hilarious auditions for the role.

There were %cMelissa McCarthy%, %cJodie Foster%, %cAdam Sandler%, %cBill Hader%, %cWill Arnett%, %cKumail Nanjiani%, %c50 Cent% and %cThomas Middleditch% who each slipped into Han Solo costume. %cJeff Goldblum%, meanwhile, auditioned in his own outfit.

"He's young, right?" Hader asked, before reading his lines like a disgruntled teenager, "I wanna do the Kessel Run in 16 parsecs, mom!" The "Saturday Night Live" alum also delivered impressive impressions of other "Star Wars" characters like young Jabba the Hut and tauntaun.

Arnett showed off his deep Batman voice, Foster got annoyed when she had to introduce herself, and Sandler's version of Han Solo was like his "Billy Madison" character. Middleditch had a meltdown during his audition, while Goldblum tried to assure the casting director that he would do research if he got the role.

Nanjiani noted in his audition, "So is this like a big spoiler, like when Han Solo was young he was Pakistani? Because I'm Pakistani." He added, "I will say if you don't cast me in this you're racist."

McCarthy, meanwhile, confused "Star Wars" with "Harry Potter". "I've seen a good portion of one of them," she said when asked if she had seen any of the "Star Wars" films. "With the small wizard boy and the school ... in the hills?"

She couldn't even say some of the iconic terms in the franchise right, insisting that "parsnips is funnier" than parsec. "No one knows what a parsec is," she told the casting director. Later, she lashed out at the casting director when she's told that she said "lightsaber" wrong.

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