'Game of Thrones' Stars Talk About the Bloodbath and Power Transfer in Season Finale

Lena Headey predicts Cersei's future and envisions her character's potential reunion with Tyrion, while Natalie Dormer comments on the twist of Margaery's storyline.

AceShowbiz - "Game of Thrones" has just added the number of casualties following the bloodbath in the sixth season finale. In "The Winds of Winter" that aired Sunday, June 26, Cersei made a big move to destroy her enemies in King's Landing once and for all [SPOILER ALERT!] by setting them, including Margaery and the High Sparrow, on fire during the trial.

What she didn't expect was that her son Tommen killed himself in reaction to his wife's death. Cersei was then surprisingly named the first Queen of Westeros and is sitting on the Iron Throne. Speaking to EW, %cLena Headey% who plays the character says despite the fact that Cersei has always wanted control, she never wanted the Iron Throne.

"I was grinning [reading the script]. Everyone is going to be aghast and thrilled and annoyed they're on Cersei's side for a minute," she says of her reaction when learning of Cersei's storyline. But now that she has the power, Headey says, "I think part of what happened to her, is a sense of 'never again will anybody do anything to me that I don't want to happen.' This is the end of that."

Headey admits she "was really shocked" when she learned that Cersei would end up on the Iron Throne. She shares, "I read it like nine times, like, 'You're joking!' Then I'm left to wonder who's going to take her down. She may only be there for a second. You do think, 'What the f**k comes next?' Then we start again to play that game we all play each season, 'Who's going to be on the Iron Throne next?' "

Believing that Cersei's reign won't last long, the actress has got a sense of who will take Cersei down. "I got goosebumps reading, 'The ships are coming.' They keep teasing us every season and I don't know what's going to happen because nobody tells you anything. I have to assume there's going to be one helluva battle. Who knows? It's such a mystery," she teases about Dany's impending arrival to King's Landing to claim the throne.

Dany is sailing to Westeros with Tyrion, meaning Cersei will soon reunite with her brother which she despises a lot. "I'm as excited as anyone to get Cersei and Tyrion back together. It just works," she gushes. "Those two characters are so interesting because there's so much hate, yet slight respect too. They'd kill each other if ever given the chance."

As part of the show that has featured so many deaths, Headey is prepared for her character's demise, "as long as it's kinda glorious and gory and it's by the right person." Asked who should kill Cersei, she responds, "I think it has to be Arya or Tyrion." She then envisions the scene with Tyrion, "No one would relish her death as much as he would.... Maybe we could have a dying kiss or something."

%cNatalie Dormer% also talks to the site about her character's fate. "I thought it was really clever. I really did," she says of the end of Margaery's storyline. "It's not an echo of anything you've seen in the last six years. It's truly it's own unique moment to tie up what's been a unique storyline about what's happened in King's Landing over the course of season 6."

She also explains her character's loss to Cersei. "The reason it all goes tits up is because Margaery wasn't in control of the battle against Cersei. She had to hand the reins over to the High Sparrow and Cersei outplays him. By the end, Margaery is a victim of the High Sparrow's incompetence. He underestimates Cersei and that's something Margaery Tyrell would never do," she says.

Being a fan of the show, Dormer thinks it's the right time to kill off her character. She reasons, "I think it was just the right length of time, to be honest. It's time for the Westeros story to move on and it's a perfect time for her to exit."

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