First Teaser for Ryan Murphy's 'Scream Queens' Is Sweet and Bloody

The promo video, unleashed on Friday the 13th, features a young woman blowing pink bubble gum which bubble is then popped by a knife.

AceShowbiz - The first teaser for FOX's upcoming horror-comedy anthology series "Scream Queens" from Ryan Murphy has landed online. Series co-creator Murphy announced it on his Twitter, posting the video with a caption which read, "There's no better day than #FridayThe13th to give you the first teaser for @ScreamQueens! Here you go:...."

While it doesn't share any actual footage, the video does hint at what the show will be about. Set to upbeat pop music, the video features a young, blonde woman blowing pink bubble gum. But the fun and cheerful song turns into screams when someone unseen pops the bubble with a knife. The video ends with the show's title written in bloody font.

The first season of "Scream Queens" will center on a college campus rocked by several murders and is scheduled to premiere in fall. Emma Roberts, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lea Michele, Joe Manganiello, Ariana Grande, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer, Nick Jonas and Skyler Samuels are all set to star on the show.

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