'The Bachelor' Chris Soules Dishes on Impressive First Meetings on Season Premiere

The 'Prince Farming' says he was impressed by a girl who sang him a song and Kaitlyn who told him, 'You can plow my field anytime?'

AceShowbiz - Just a day shy of "The Bachelor" season 19, %cChris Soules% dishes on what viewers can expect to see on the first night. To PEOPLE, the farmer from Arlington, Iowa, reveals which girls made the biggest impressions of their first meetings.

"Well, there was one girl who sang me a song coming out of the limo. That's pretty impressive and she was a good singer. Another girl rode up in a motorcycle. It was pretty hot," he says. Another girl reminds him of his turn on "The Bachelorette" when he became %cAndi Dorfman%'s secret admirer. "One girl was a secret admirer. She snuck up and they had me turn around and she gave me a note and I had to find her inside so that was creative," he shares.

But a girl named Kaitlyn might defeat the other girls in terms of first impression. Chris continues, "One girl who particularly caught my eye was Kaitlyn. She actually came up, guns blazing, when she came out of the limo. She told me that I could plow her field any day. I think I blushed. But then she taught me how to break dance when I met her inside. I was really impressed with her."

Chris also "had a weird connection, an unexplainable instant great connection" with Britt, who gave him "one of the best hugs that I've ever had." Whitney, meanwhile, impressed Chris with her Southern twang.

Chris reveals there were "a couple girls who were over-served" that night, but he understands it. "It's a long night and everybody's stressed out and they're also trying to have a good time," he says, adding, "But I think they're generally speaking, well-behaved."

The 33-year-old hunk admits that some of the rose ceremonies were tough for him and it's hard for him to remember the names of those 30 girls. As for the girl he's looking for, he says, "Going into that night, I really didn't have a certain type. Maybe I do, but if I do, I was going in completely open-minded and there were so many great girls after I met them all, like I felt I could see myself falling in love with a lot of them right away, and it was pretty amazing the quality of women, and they were all my type at that point."

He continues, "I think I'm old enough and mature enough to not fall into a certain type. I think I'm more worried about finding the person who is the right one that I can spend the rest of my life with."

"The Bachelor" season 19 kicks off Monday, January 5 with a three-hour premiere that broadcasts live starting at 8/7c on ABC.

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