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FOX Unveils First Full Trailer for Marvel's Mutant Series 'The Gifted'

May 15, 2017 (7:39 am) GMT
The trailer for the upcoming FOX series sees Percy Hynes White's Andy Stucker acquiring his mutant ability when he is being bullied by a group of bullies in his school.
FOX Unveils First Full Trailer for Marvel's Mutant Series 'The Gifted'

Following the teaser last week, FOX has released the first full trailer for Matt Nix's "X-Men" TV series "". Released on Sunday night, May 14, the trailer sees one of the main characters finally obtaining his mutant ability.

Unlike his sister Lauren () who is able to considerably control her powers beforehand, Andy (Percy Hynes White) seemingly will acquire his power later in the first episode. The first trailer highlights Percy's character as a kid who is being bullied by his schoolmates during an apparent party in their school. A group of bullies are seen dragging him into the school's bathroom and they forcefully shower him.

When Andy screams, the whole building shakes much to everyone's surprise. Amid the chaos, Lauren tries to find Andy and thanks to her power, she can easily form a shield around herself when debris falls from the ceiling.

Enter Marcos Diaz a.k.a. Eclipse (Sean Teale) who says an intriguing remark. "The X-Men, the Brotherhood…We don't even know if they exist anymore," he says to someone off-screen. His remarks suggest that the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants have been hiding or wiped out from the world as he sounds surprised when discovering the mutant-involving incident in Andy's school.

The most interesting part shown in the trailer perhaps is the fact that Reed Stucker (), the father of Andy and Lauren, apparently works for the goverment in which he's tasked to lock up mutants. He can be seen talking to presumably Lorna Dane a.k.a. Polaris (Emma Dumont), who is trapped in a plastic prison.

The trailer concludes with Reed, Amy, Lauren and Andy joining forces with Marcos, Polaris, Clarice Fong a.k.a. Blink () and John Proudstar a.k.a. Thunderbird () to fight against spider-like machines which chase after them.

Directed by Bryan Singer, "The Gifted" follows a human couple, Reed and Caitlyn, who discover that their children are mutants. They are later forced to go on the run from the government, joining an underground network of mutants and must fight for their survival.

It is currently unknown when "The Gifted" will premiere on the network as well as how many episodes it will have. FOX is expected to announce the details on Monday, May 15 at the network's upfront presentation.

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