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'American Idol' Recap: Boys Are Still Awful

March 3, 2010 (6:19 am) GMT
Casey James went from relevant to forgettable, Andrew Garcia could not top his Hollywood week performance and Jermaine Sellers still didn't get it.
'American Idol' Recap: Boys Are Still Awful

In order to buy Crystal Bowersock some time to recuperate from her illness, the remaining guys of "" took the stage one day earlier. The top 10 guys this season sang live on Tuesday, March 2 songs from Billboard chart while sharing some insights into their personality.

Michael Lynche opened the show with 's "It's a Man's World". immediately stood up and applauded him after he finished. said it was a good way to start the night for Michael set the bar high. called it Michael's best performance so far.

John Park sang 's "Gravity" but he did not get the compliment he expected. Randy however, said that it was more of his vibe than last week's jazzy tune. Ellen said he picked a better song choice while said he still lacked a connection between the song and him. Simon said John may return to his a capella group because he was not good enough for the competition.

Casey James opted "I Don't Wanna Be" by with his electric guitar on. Randy liked the guitar part but noted that his vocal was not good. Ellen liked his performance while Kara brought the mood down, reminding him that it's still a singing competition. "We all got the memo, the cougar is a fan," she referred to herself, "but I gotta say, tonight you took two steps backward." Simon said Casey tried too much being a rock star but he just didn't have the supporting vocal.

Alex Lambert who was butchered by the judges last week brought his guitar to make himself more comfortable, singing 's "Everybody Knows". Randy loved "everything" about it and Ellen continued with her banana comparison, saying Alex is ripe this week. Kara said people will be rooting for him for the improvement. Simon said it was a million times better but he still lacked a killer instinct.

Todrick Hall picked 's "What's Love Got to Do With It". Randy was not a fan of the rearrangement, saying he only liked the falsetto at the end. Ellen and Kara both agreed that he should keep moving while performing because then he became so much better. Simon laid it flat and square, "Todrick, move but don't sing. Because this is not working out for you."

Jermaine Sellers was next, singing "What's Goin' On" by . The judges, who did not like his performance last week, equally hated this one. "What we're trying to say you water down the songs. You make it lose it's importance, because you play around with it too much," Simon summed it up.

The night did not improve from there, even with the performance from Andrew Garcia . He sang 's "You Give Me Something" but Randy said it was pitchy all over, knowing he could be so much better than that. Ellen reminded him again about the brilliant Hollywood week and said he has to top it. Kara did the graph and said he had declined since "Straight Up". Simon said Andrew has to step up and brought something new to the table.

Aaron Kelly had to battle his nervousness with Temptations' "My Girl". Randy was not crazy about it but said Aaron could definitely sing. Ellen said the song is a bit forgettable. In the other hand, Kara praised his consistency. Simon said he is too old-fashioned for his age. "You got to work out at your age what kind of audience you want to be," he said. "We could've heard that audition 20 years ago, it was too old fashioned."

Recovering from last week's butcher, Tim Urban sang "Come On, Get High" by . Randy, still not pleased, said it was very karaoke-y. Ellen did not think he was a good singer and suggested he join "". Kara uttered the word "frustrating" while Simon surprisingly was against the others. He said Tim made quite an improvement by listening to the criticism and he was actually the most relevant of all that night.

Lee Dewyze was saved for the last, singing "Lips of an Angel" by . Randy liked it, Ellen wanted to see more performance and Kara said he has the commercial voice which can go to radios. Simon said, "Vocally you are head and shoulders above everyone else in the competition right now. You are undoubtedly the best singer. You may be the one to beat."

On Wednesday, March 4, the girls will perform and Crystal is expected to join them.

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