The Bachelorette Episode 8.06 Episode 806
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The Bachelorette Episode 8.06 Episode 806

Episode Premiere
Jun 18, 2012
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
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Episode Premiere
Jun 18, 2012
Reality, Romance
2003 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Chris Harrison

There are eight bachelor boys left as Em and her men head off to the magical land of Dubrovnik, Croatia! With Ricki back home with her babysitter, Emily will be able to put all her focus on finding her true love.

The Friend Zone

In a surprise move, Emily personally delivers the date card to Travis. They come across something called the balancing stone. Legend says that if you can stay on it while removing a jacket or shirt, then you'll be lucky at love. Travis stands on the stone, but he doesn't take off his shirt. Emily is bummed. As for Travis, he's ready to bust out of the friend zone and fall in love with Emily.

After a fun day, it's time to sit down at a romantic dinner setting. Travis talks about his failed engagement and the fact that he hasn't really dated in the two years since it all fell apart. He can totally see himself with Emily now. Unfortunately, Emily feels that they are great friends, but the romance simply isn't there. That's why she can't give him a rose.

Brave Young Men

The men chosen for the group date are John, Doug, Sean, Jef, Chris and Arie. Emily takes them all to the movies for a screening of the Disney Pixar movie Brave before it hits the theaters. There are story similarities in the fact that some guys are vying for the affections of a young woman. Afterwards, Emily lets the men know they are going to compete for her in their own version of the Highland Games. Oh, and they'll be doing so in kilts.

The first event is archery. Chris is the only one who doesn't hit the target. The men must also take part in a caber toss, which involves balancing and flipping a giant log. Chris doesn't fair too well in this event either. Jef also has trouble flipping the log. As for Sean, he flips it so well that the big piece of lumber actually breaks. Emily is impressed.

For the Maide Leisg game, two men must try to pull each other off the ground while simultaneously holding a big stick. Emily is impressed that Chris chooses to go up against Doug. He loses again. Chris did not do well in any of the games. Nevertheless, Emily believes he was the bravest lad out there. That's why she presents him with a Bravery Cup. Chris may have lost the games, but he came out the winner in Emily's eyes.

Night Moves

Come nighttime, the guys know that the Bravery Cup has been claimed, but the rose is still up for grabs. Arie takes the time to apologize, once again, for what went down in London. He also plants a long, romantic kiss on Emily during a stroll down the street.

Jef later tells Emily that she stirs up feelings in him that people write novels about. It took a long time for these two to share their first kiss. The second one comes a bit quicker. As for Chris, he lets Emily know that if she gives him the chance to fall in love with her, it'll be forever. So, in addition to the Bravery Cup, Chris also wins a rose.

Ryan's Hope

Ryan scores his second one-on-one date with Emily. The two of them take a little road trip to the town of Ston. They board a boat so they can go fishing for oysters. Ryan, once again, brings up the fact that Emily would make a great "trophy wife." Statements like this leave Emily constantly wondering about this guy.

Come dinnertime, Emily is happy that Ryan clarifies that the trophy he sees is in her is what's inside. She also sees his list of things that he's looking for in a wife. Emily is concerned that a loving family is not at the top of his list, as it would certainly be that the top of hers.

Emily doesn't think she and Ryan want the same things out of a relationship. That's why she can't give him a rose. Ryan did not see this coming. Neither did the rest of the guys, though they are thrilled at the news. Only Arie had faith that Emily would see through Ryan's act. He even sneaks out to let Em know she made the right decision.

The Cocktail Party

Emily believes that Doug and John are on the bubble as to who will go home. As for John, he gets choked up recalling the love his grandparents had for each other. He believes his grandfather is his guardian angel. Emily is so grateful that she finally saw how much heart this guy has.

Later, Emily lets Doug know that she wants to be pursued. She knows he's a humble guy, but she wants him to be confident. Unfortunately, Doug still feels incredibly unsure about where he stands after a chat with Emily. He's also missing his young son big time.

The Rose Ceremony

Travis and Sean are gone, while Chris is safe with a rose. Emily hands out more roses until only Doug and John remain. She is having a difficult time with this decision. It's so tough that she asks for an additional rose. Emily can't send anyone home during this particular ceremony. So, the men who receive roses from her are:


Chris (safe from the group date)





After an intense week in Croatia, Emily and her men are headed for Prague where romance and roses await!