The Bachelorette Episode 8.03 Episode 803
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The Bachelorette Episode 8.03 Episode 803

Episode Premiere
May 28, 2012
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
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Episode Premiere
May 28, 2012
Reality, Romance
2003 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Chris Harrison

There are 16 men left in Charlotte as Emily continues her quest for true love.

A Fine, Young Man

Chris gets the first one-on-one date with Emily, who is very comfortable holding hands with this guy as they walk the streets of Charlotte. They end up climbing up the side of a tall building to get to their final dinner destination. Things get a little hairy as lighting and thunder strike in the skies. The crowd below voices their support for these two daring daters. Emily is just grateful she had Chris by her side as they finally reach the top.

Emily admits that she would be nervous to approach Chris in a bar because he's so good looking. She asks him about his last relationship and is shocked to learn that he's only 25. It could be a red flag for her. Chris assures her that even though he's young, he's ready to do the family thing. This has Emily liking him even more than she thought she would. That's why she gives him a rose. They end the date with a dance in downtown Charlotte with country star Luke Bryan singing to them. They end the first dance with a nice little kiss.

A Day at the Park

Charlie, Alejandro, Stevie, Ryan, Alessandro, Sean, John, Michael, Doug, Jef, Tony and Travis are picked for the group date. They meet up with Emily at a park where they toss around a football. But they aren't there to play games. The guys are there to meet Emily's closest friends, who are tasked with giving them the third degree. It's a brutal question and answer session. One of Em's friends even makes a shirtless Sean do pushups in the park while she sits on his back.

Emily has another surprise for the guys. A herd of young kids is released on the men. She wants to see how they interact with each other. Doug and Tony are both dads, so they were naturals with the kids. Jef and Sean were playful with the children. As for Ryan, he ditches the kids to crash the girl time Emily is having with her pals. That wasn't a great move since he makes an ill-advised comment about how he'd feel if Emily got fat. As for the gal pals, they were impressed by Doug and Sean. Ryan gets a vote, too.

Family Matters

Come nighttime, Emily lets Sean know that he passed the "friends" test. She learns from Doug that his mom left his dad, who suffered from epilepsy and eventually died. The story about how he and his sister got bounced around in foster homes brings Emily to tears. But she's thoroughly impressed at how well he weathered the storm.

Tony admits that the day with the kids was tough on him as it made him miss his own son even more. Emily knows what he's going through. She says this is harder on him than it is on his kid. Still, it breaks her heart to see him so upset. Emily doesn't want to keep him away from his son any longer than necessary. She thinks the best thing is to send him home. Tony thinks this is a bittersweet moment, as he truly can't wait to get home to his son. As for the group date rose, Emily decides to award it to Sean.

Hooray for Dollywood

Arie is picked for the next one-on-one date which happens to take place in Dollywood. It's a fun, southern theme park that Emily loves. Arie feels like they need to win a prize for Ricki, so they hit the games to win a stuffed animal. After hitting a few rides, Emily and Arie visit the stage where Dolly Parton sings. They each make an attempt to write a love song. Surprise, surprise! Dolly Parton appears behind them to reveal that she's already written a song for them. Emily is completely floored. Then she takes to the floor to dance with Arie in a moment the two of them will never forget.

Dolly asks Arie to make himself scarce so she can have a little chat with the Bachelorette. She says she's coming up on her 46th anniversary with her husband, so she knows true love can last. She then sings a song she wrote about her hubby. It's such a sweet tune that it brings a tear to Emily's eye as she shares a close, slow dance with Arie. Dolly says she never would have known this was their first date. After a nice dinner chat, Emily tries to trick Arie into believing things are going south. She can't go through with it because she likes him too much. That's why Arie gets a rose.

The Cocktail Party

Emily pulls Kalon aside where they have a private chat. He admits that he always thought his first kid would be his own. Emily tries to ease his concerns, but Kalon wants her to let him finish his thought. Emily isn't thrilled with his condescending manner. In other news, Travis has been carrying an egg (he calls it Shelley) to show Emily that he will take care of it throughout the journey like he will do with her and Ricki. He feels it's time to let Shelley go, so he lets Emily smash his beloved egg.

Emily is upset to learn that Alessandro believes that becoming an instant father would be a bit of a compromise. Earlier, he had admitted to Emily's friends that he had cheated on an ex and also had a one night stand. All of these factors add up to Alessandro being escorted out the door. A kiss from Arie makes Emily feel a little bit better. Later, Sean lets Emily know that his own father has given him the guidance to be a great dad. They also share a kiss.

The Rose Ceremony

Tony has gone home to his son and Alessandro has just gone home. Chris, Sean and Ari are safe. Emily has more roses to hand out. The men who receive roses from her are:


Arie (safe from a one-on-one date)


Chris (safe from a one-on-one date)








Sean (safe from the group date)


That means Stevie is headed out the door. Hey, at least he won't have to hang with Chopper/Kalon anymore.