The Bachelorette Episode 8.01 Episode 801
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The Bachelorette Episode 8.01 Episode 801

Episode Premiere
May 14, 2012
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
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Episode Premiere
May 14, 2012
Reality, Romance
2003 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Telepictures Productions
Official Site
Main Cast
  • Chris Harrison

After things didn't work out with Bachelor Brad, Emily is back for another shot at love. Once again, she's hoping to meet the man of her dreams. The only difference is that she's one handing out the roses this time around. She's ready to fall in love and find someone who can be a father figure to the most important person in her life, her daughter, Ricki.

Let's Meet the Bachelors!

Emily will have to ditch quite a few of the eligible bachelors on opening night. There's a wide variety of good-looking guys from all walks of life.

Kalon from Houston claims he used to be a loud, obnoxious womanizer. He says he's changed. Ryan from Georgia played pro football for eight years. Now he teaches kids at a sports training facility. Tony from Oregon has a passion for fitness with a 5-year-old son. He's a single dad looking for love.

Lerone from Los Angeles is looking for an instant family with Emily. David from New York is singer-songwriter who may serenade the Bachelorette. Charlie from Massachusetts suffered a serious head injury in the past, but says there's nothing wrong with his heart.

Jef from Salt Lake City likes being underestimated. He's the CEO of a bottled water company who helps lots of people get access to clean drinking water. Arie from Arizona is a race car driver who has took part in the Indianapolis 500. He's a little worried that he may bring back some painful memories for Emily.

Return to the Mansion

Emily admits that she was afraid to become the Bachelorette. She fell in love hard with Brad and lost the first love of her life in a tragic plane crash. It'll be helpful to be hanging in Charlotte, North Carolina so she can be near Ricki. Emily ultimately wants a minivan full of babies. She may not want to mention that on the first date though. Bring on the limos!

The Men Roll In - Except for the One Who Arrives by Chopper

Sean is the first to arrive and say hi. David asks Emily if she's the one who chose Charlotte. Doug is a hugger who lets Emily know that he left his young son at home. Jackson gets down on one knee to greet Emily. Joe is super-excited when he arrives. Arie thinks Emily is stunning. Kyle is wearing a turquoise tie. That happens to be Emily's favorite color. Chris says his dad told him to follow his heart.

Aaron is a high school biology teacher, but he's here to have chemistry with her. Alessandro is originally from Brazil. Jef arrives via skateboard. Lerone is very attracted to the fact that Emily is a single mom. Stevie arrives with a boom box to do a little dance. Charlie was worried he was going to trip and fall on his way in. Tony arrives with a glass slipper to see if the shoe fits Princess Emily. It does.

Randy arrives disguised as a grandma to leave an impression. Emily says Nate smells really good. Brent arrives with a nametag. John says all his good friends call him "Wolf." Travis arrives carrying an egg to show Emily that he will take care of it throughout the journey like he will do with her and Ricki. Michael gives Emily a guitar pick to remember him by.

Jean-Paul admits he doesn't know much about the Bachelorette. Alejandro speaks Spanish when he arrives. Ryan wrote down some notes so he could remember to say Emily is "so beautiful." Kalon arrives via helicopter drawing angry stares and glares from guys he hasn't even met yet.

Let's Get This Party Started!

Chris presents Emily with two bobbleheads -- one that looks like him and one that looks like her. This earns him several nods of approval. Emily thinks Jef gives off a cool vibe. She loved his entrance on a skateboard. Doug presents Emily with a note written by his 12-year-old son back in Seattle. It almost makes her cry. Then Chris Harrison arrives with the First Impression Rose. This has some of the guys who haven't had any one-on-one time a little nervous.

Kalon is dubbed "Helicopter Guy" by the others. He doesn't seem to want to leave when Sean asks for some time with Emily. This ticks off some. Arie nervously admits that his background is in racing. He wants to know if Emily is okay with that. He's relieved to learn that she is.

Emily steals Doug away to let him know that his son's letter was so sweet and thoughtful. She's glad there's someone else in the house who feels the way she feels when she's missing Ricki. That's why he gets the First Impression Rose.

The Rose Ceremony

The First Impression Rose has been claimed, Emily still has many more roses to hand out. The men who receive roses are:







Doug (First Impression)













Cheers to the men who made the first cut. Here's hoping one of them wins the heart of The Bachelorette right there in her hometown of Charlotte.