The Bachelor Episode 16.06 Episode 1606
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The Bachelor Episode 16.06 Episode 1606

Episode Premiere
Feb 6, 2012
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Feb 6, 2012
Reality, Romance
2002 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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No Man or Woman is an Island

Kacie B gets the first one-on-one date. She and Ben chopper off to the deserted island of San Blas. The only things present are sand, coconut trees and the happy couple. Thankfully, Kacie packed a few essentials including a corkscrew and some candy. Hey, at least they're set for dessert! Ben brought a machete, fishing net and matches. The first part of this date is all about teamwork and survival. Let's just say these two survive because they make for a very good team.

The once-stranded couple returns to civilization for a romantic nighttime dinner. The conversation takes a turn for the serious as Kacie opens up to Ben. She tells him about the eating disorder when she was in high school. Kacie doesn't like to talk about this part of her life, but she believes it helped make her a stronger person. It also makes Ben like her even more. That's why she gets a rose.

It Takes a Village

The group date includes Emily, Nicki, Lindzi, Casey S, Courtney and Jamie. Ben wants to see who can go with the flow as he motors the ladies down the Chagres River. They pop onto shore to visit a village. The native women help Ben's ladies dress in some beaded tops. Only Courtney ditches her bra. Ben, dressed in a loincloth, appreciates this in more than one way. During the body-painting portion of the date, Courtney literally marks her territory by putting a little love message on Ben's back.

Later, Lindzi has a heart-to-heart chat with Ben, who appreciates seeing her softer side. He then asks for some alone time with Courtney where he tells her all the things he likes about her. He also appreciates the fact that she drops her room number on him. What will Ben do with this information?

Apology Not Accepted

Jamie tries to open up to Ben during her alone time. Actually, she's not really alone with him. Courtney pops by to hang out in the pool in her bikini. Ben has difficulty focusing on the conversation at hand. Jamie wants to kiss him, but doesn't want to do so with Courtney nearby.

Emily reveals to that there's another man in her life. Ben cracks up when she says it's the Chief. He's also glad to hear that she's past all the drama that went down before. Emily then tries to apologize to Courtney. It doesn't go well. Thankfully, the awkward conversation comes to a halt when Ben pops by. He pulls Lindzi away to give her the group date rose. Needless to say, Courtney is not happy. She breaks down later when Ben doesn't show up in her room. Maybe he forgot the number.

Salsa, It's Not Just a Condiment

Blakeley is very confident going into the two-on-one date. Rachel…not so much. The ladies are given salsa dresses for their dance lessons with Ben. Both women look hot, hot, hot, but Blakeley is a bit more sexual in her dance moves as she wraps her leg around Ben. Rachel cuts in to show off her own moves. Both ladies long for the last dance as they vie for the only rose available on the date.

The dinner conversation is a bit awkward. Rachel privately admits to Ben that she may not move as fast as Blakeley, but her whole heart is in this thing. As for Blakeley, she admits that she really feels something. She shows Ben a nice scrapbook she's made of their journey to date. But it's not enough to win Ben's heart as he gives the rose to Rachel.

Still Looking for Love

Chris Harrison stops by for what he says is a serious reason. He pulls Casey S away from the other ladies. Chris has been told that she is in love with someone else. That would be her boyfriend, Michael. Casey claims he's her ex-boyfriend even though she admittedly still has feelings for the guy. Chris thinks they need to have a chat with Ben about the situation.

Casey admits that she's not quite over her ex. Ben wishes she would have been more honest with him before this. He thinks Casey should go home. It's an extremely abrupt exit that leaves Casey in tears. She came on the show hoping to find love. Casey now knows she won't find it with Ben.

The Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

Ben kicks off the evening by stressing that they continue to be open with each other. Jamie pulls Ben aside to "show" him how much she likes him. She straddles him to kiss him, but Jamie can't stop giggling like a schoolgirl. Ben is shocked that she went from 0-60 so quickly. Jamie hops off his lap where they map out another kiss down to every last detail. Even with all that planning, the smooch doesn't go great.

As the Rose Ceremony rolls around, Chris Harrison reminds us that Blakely and Casey S are gone. Those to receive a rose from Ben are:



Kacie B (safe from her date)

Lindzi (safe from the group date)


Rachel (safe from the 2-on-1 date)

Jamie's kiss with Ben came a little too late as she heads home. As for the rest of the ladies, they'll continue their quest to win Ben's heart in the exotic, tropical country of Belize.