The Bachelor Episode 16.05 Episode 1605
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The Bachelor Episode 16.05 Episode 1605

Episode Premiere
Jan 30, 2012
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Jan 30, 2012
Reality, Romance
2002 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Ben and the 11 remaining ladies head to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico where some secret skinny-dipping takes place! Any guesses as to who bares more than just her soul to Ben?

Raindrops Were Falling on Their Heads

Nicki gets the first one-on-one date. They chopper across the island to Old San Juan. Things start off great, and then the rains came. That's too bad because the date was supposed to take place outside. Ben is impressed that Nicki is able to go with the flow. They decide to go shopping for some authentic Puerto Rican (and dry) clothes. A short time later, Ben has some Latin swagger and Nicki is an exotic beauty.

The two tourists take a seat outside a beautiful church where a wedding is taking place. Nicki talks about her first marriage. Ben admits that he wants to propose only one more time in his life. When nighttime rolls around, Nicki opens up more about her thoughts of marriage. She loved being in love, but she got divorced after realizing that she needed to be with someone who can grow "with" her. It's possible that "someone" could be Ben. Guess that's why she's so happy to get a rose.

Play Ball!

Blakeley, Casey S, Courtney, Emily, Jamie, Jennifer, Kacie B, Lindzi, Nicki and Rachel are picked for the group date. They meet up with Ben outside Roberto Clemente Stadium to play in a baseball game. Coaches run the ladies through a few drills on the field before game time. The five women on the winning team get to go on a romantic evening beach date with Ben, who must choose one lady to play on both teams. He picks Lindzi, who automatically gets to go on the postgame date.

The intense slugfest goes into extra innings. At the end of the day, the Red Team beats the Blue. The winning team includes Lindzi, Jamie, Casey S, Kacie B and Courtney. Blakeley was a force in the field, but she's reduced to tears when her team loses. Jennifer also sobs even though there's no crying in baseball. Emily doesn't cry, but she is worried that Courtney will get the rose. Actually, Ben gives the rose to Kacie B.

The Love Boat?

Elyse gets the second one-on-one date which takes place on a yacht. She talks about all that she gave up to be there. Hopefully this will prove she's ready to take the plunge in a relationship. But first they take a plunge off the side of the ship for a romantic dip in the water.

When night rolls around, it's time for a romantic dinner date on the beach. Elyse again stresses that she wouldn't be there if she wasn't truly looking for love. Ben says that he was intrigued with this woman from the moment she got out of the limo. Unfortunately, he didn't find the connection he was hoping to have with Elyse during this date. He can't give her a rose. She steps onto a boat to float away from Ben forever.

Here's the Skinny

Courtney mentioned the idea of skinny-dipping in the ocean with Ben during the group date. So, was anyone surprised when she showed up outside his door wearing a robe? They head down to the beach where they ditch all clothing. Ben and Courtney hop into the ocean to make some waves of their own.

The Cocktail Party

Blakeley has a heart-to-heart with Ben. She gives a heartfelt speech saying that she's happy where she's at even though she knows she may get hurt. Ben is blindsided by her sincerity. He was unsure about her going into the evening. He's not anymore.

Emily tries to do damage control after her Courtney-heavy conversation last time out. Things start out fine, but then she heads back into Courtney-speak. Ben encourages her to drop this subject. This has Emily feeling she's messed up again. She just needs to stop talking about Courtney, who slyly brings up the subject of skinny-dipping to the other ladies.

The Rose Ceremony

Nicki and Kacie B are safe. Elyse is already gone, so one other lady will be heading out the door. Those to receive a rose from Ben are


Casey S




Kacie B (safe from the group date)


Nicki (safe from her date)


In a bit of a shocker, the woman Ben once described as the best kisser in the group heads home. Jennifer is obviously heartbroken as she makes her tearful exit. As for Ben, he encourages the remaining ladies to continue to be open with him as they head off to Panama City, Panama.