The Bachelor Episode 16.04 Episode 1604
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The Bachelor Episode 16.04 Episode 1604

Episode Premiere
Jan 23, 2012
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Jan 23, 2012
Reality, Romance
2002 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Open Season

Rachel scores the first one-on-one date, as she and Ben head off to see scenic Utah via helicopter. After they land, Ben takes Rachel out to the middle of a beautiful, romantic lake in a canoe where they share a kiss. They also share some champagne while back on dry land but struggle to make conversation. Ben needs to know more about this woman. Will she open up?

A nighttime walk through the woods ends up in a cabin where a romantic dinner scene awaits. The date isn't going as well as Rachel would have liked, but she admits that she's falling for Ben. She opens up about her communication struggles in her past relationships. Both agree they'd like to know more about each other. That's why Ben gives Rachel a rose.

Fly Girls

Jamie, Casey S, Blakeley, Lindzi, Samantha, Nicki, Kacie B and Courtney are picked to go on the group date. Ben rides across a river on horseback to meet the ladies. Everyone else saddles up to find waders and fishing rods so they can all do a little fly-fishing. Will anyone be able to reel in Ben?

Kacie B felt an immediate connection with Ben from the get-go, so it's hard for her to see him go off with other women. She's grateful for a little alone time she gets with him in the river, but Courtney later swoops in to drag him upstream. Ben is impressed with her fly-fishing skills as she makes a catch.

Bye-Bye Love

Ben pulls Casey S away from the group for some alone time, but Nicki interrupts to reveal that her boss passed away shortly before she met him. Ben says he had a friend who died just days before this adventure started. They know that they should make every moment count which is why they share a kiss.

Samantha interrupts this tender moment to ask why she's been on nothing but group dates. Ben says her actions don't warrant her getting a one-on-one date. He doesn't think she takes this seriously enough. Based on the track record, he believes they should end things right now. Just like that, Samantha says goodbye to all.

Ben pulls Kacie B aside to tell her that he wanted to kiss her while they were in the river. He makes it up to her with a private smooch away from the others. Ben also spends alone time (and more kisses) with Courtney, who confesses that she's somewhat lost sight of things. He feels the need to reassure her that all is well by giving her a rose. Courtney feels like she's sitting pretty now. Too bad the other ladies in the house aren't her fans.

Taking the Plunge

Jennifer scores the second one-on-one date which involves a hike up to crater in the middle of nowhere. She and Ben are going to rappel down about 300-feet to the water below. Good thing they brought their bathing suits as they dive into the unknown. SPLASH! Ben and Jennifer land in the warm, serene water inside the crater.

Later, Ben and Jennifer have a romantic outdoor dinner under a threat of rain. They chat about past relationships. She admits she picked the wrong person before. Eventually, it starts pouring. That's cool. They both love the rain. At the end of the date, Ben gives Jennifer a rose. But wait, there's more! They dance at a concert being held by country music star Clay Walker. Jennifer feels this was the perfect date.

The Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

Emily expresses her concerns about Courtney, but fears it may have been a mistake. Things get real awkward real fast. Later, Casey S dishes to Courtney about what was said behind her back. Needless to say, this newsflash doesn't go over well and leads to some verbal fireworks just before the Rose Ceremony. Three ladies are safe, one has already departed. Those to receive a rose from Ben are:


Casey S

Courtney (safe from the group date)




Jennifer (safe from her date)

Kacie B



Rachel (safe from her date)

That means Monica is headed for the door. The war between Courtney and Emily will surely heat up now as Ben and the ladies are off to Puerto Rico! Of course, Courtney chimes in to say she was just there two months ago.