The Bachelor Episode 16.01 Episode 1601
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The Bachelor Episode 16.01 Episode 1601

Episode Premiere
Jan 2, 2012
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Jan 2, 2012
Reality, Romance
2002 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
Official Site
Main Cast

Ben There, Done That

Ben Flajnik is back! But this time he's calling the shots and handing out the roses. Ben has no regrets about his experience on The Bachelorette. After spending some time at his winery in Sonoma, he feels he's found some clarity. Ben knows what he's looking for and is ready to find love as The Bachelor.

The First 15

It's limo time as the first 15 ladies pull up to the mansion. They are:

• Rachel, a New York Fashion Sales Rep. She makes sure to let Ben know that her middle name is Rose.

• Erika is a law student from Chicago who says Ben is guilty of being sexy.

• Amber B's last name is Bacon. Her friends call her "The Baconator." Of course, since she's from Vancouver that actually makes her the "Canadian Baconator."

• Elyse is a personal trainer who promises to make Ben sweat.

• Jenna the blogger gets a little tongue-tied when talking to Ben as she tries to quote him from last season. She has a blog called The Over-Analyst because that's what she has a tendency to do when it comes to relationships.

• Courtney from California is a model who has been a fake bride often for her job. She's ready for the real thing as long as she gets a big diamond ring.

• Emily from North Carolina tells Ben that she's finishing up her PHD in the study of the transmission of disease. She gives herself a shot of breath spray so she can give Ben the first kiss of the night.

• Samantha from California steps out wearing a sign indicating that she is Miss Pacific Palisades, but assures Ben that she's more than just a pageant girl. • Casey S from Kansas simply says she'll see Ben inside.

• Amber T has always been pretty good with a shotgun. She can't wait to bring Ben home to serve him some beef nuts. What are beef nuts, you ask? Trust us, you don't want to know.

• Holly steps out to say that her home state of Kentucky is known for two things: beautiful women and fast horses. Good thing she didn't say beautiful horses and fast women.

• Jamie the New York nurse wasn't nervous until she saw Ben. Jamie took custody of her younger siblings due to a difficult family life. She works in the maternity ward and believes she and Ben would have very cute babies together.

• Shira from Los Angeles claims she knows everything about wine. Actually, she knows nothing about wine except that she likes to drink it.

• Blakeley from North Carolina says she's only southerner Ben needs to focus on.

• Cheryl is a 72-year-old grandmother who hobbles out of the limo on crutches. She fell in love with Ben during The Bachelorette, but alas, Cheryl is already married. She's just there to introduce her granddaughter, Brittney. Ben loves grandmas.

The Final 10

With 15 ladies inside, the last 10 make their way up the driveway. They are:

Nicki is a dental hygienist from Texas who got married at a young age. Divorced now, she's excited about starting a new adventure with Ben. Nicki knows that the next time she gets married, it'll be forever.

• Dianna strikes a pose as she steps out of the limo, but can't remember what she wanted to say to Ben.

• Jennifer the accountant from Oklahoma gives Ben a breakdown of numbers. She traveled 1,190 miles to get there. Zero is the number of times she's been arrested. 54 is the number of dresses she tried on before meeting him. One is the number of times she's been in love, but is hoping that will change to two.

• Lyndsie J wrote a little poem for Ben. She is originally from London and has lived all over the globe. Will she be able to settle down with Ben?

• Anna from Detroit steps out of the limo and walks directly into the mansion without meeting Ben. It's a bold move, but will it work?

• Monica from Utah confesses that she misses her dog more than anything.

• Jaclyn from Massachusetts thinks Ben looks very dapper.

• Shawn from Arizona works in finance and already has a man in her life: her son. She's ready to complete her family with someone her son can look up to in the future.

• Kacie B from Tennessee promises that she doesn't sugarcoat things. She hopes to love Ben as much her grandmother loved her grandfather.

• Lindzi C is the last to arrive, though it's not by limo. She comes in riding a horse. She once received a breakup text from an ex that read "Babe, welcome to Dumpsville. Population YOU." Harsh, but she's ready to get back in the saddle with Ben.

The Inside Story

After some chatting inside the mansion, Ben walks Brittney's grandmother to the car. That's one less lady he has to worry about. Then Chris Harrison brings in the First Impression rose. The ladies pull out all the stops to impress Ben. One plays soccer, another makes him do push-ups and there's a big old dance party. Ben gets blindfolded and fed candy and is treated to a gangsta rap about love.

Jenna gets into a little verbal sparring match with Monica, who gets quite chummy with someone in the mansion other than Ben. Other ladies watch and wonder if Monica is putting the moves on Blakeley. As for Jenna, she's in tears over the Monica situation, even though we're not exactly sure what the situation is. She ends up talking to herself behind closed bathroom doors. Flush!

Ben thought Lindzi's entrance on the horse was classic. He also enjoyed the conversations they had. That's why she ends up with the first impression rose. Giddy up!

The Rose Ceremony

As the ladies line up for the first Rose Ceremony, some notice Jenna is missing. She finally shows up to take a place in the front row. Let the ceremony begin! Here's the full list of ladies who receive a rose from Ben:



Casey S









Kacie B

Lindzi C (first impression)






We lost a couple of Ambers, a Lyndsie and several other lovely ladies on opening night as Ben says bye-bye to the first seven bachelorettes. With 18 potential love interests left, things will only get more difficult. That's price you pay when looking for love as The Bachelor!