The Bachelor Episode 15.04 Episode 4
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The Bachelor Episode 15.04 Episode 4

Episode Premiere
Jan 24, 2011
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Jan 24, 2011
Reality, Romance
2002 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Michelle wakes up with a black eye. She believes a kiss from Brad will make it all better. Will she get a one-on-one date? If not, someone else may also end up with a black eye.

Not Quite Eye Candy

Michelle tells Brad all about her shiner. She doesn't know how she got it, but Ashley S. wishes she were the one who gave it to her. Not something you'd expect to hear from a nanny! The black eye discussion is tabled when sounds from a helicopter are heard outside. Chantal's ride is here because Brad has picked her for the first one-on-one date. We have liftoff!

Island Girl

Brad and Chantal chopper their way over to Catalina Island. They pop on some wetsuits, affix some astronaut-like helmets and take a walk on the ocean floor. They spend the day under the sea and their night under the stars on the beach. Chantal apologizes to Brad for slapping him when they first met. Guess there are no hard feelings since Brad gives her a rose and she gives him a kiss.

The Love Lineup

Nine girls are picked for the group date which takes place at a radio station. Why? Well, Brad and the ladies are going on the Loveline radio show with Dr. Drew and Mike. Stacey admits that she once cheated on someone in college and Brad is impressed with her honesty.

Hot Tub = Hot Tempers

After the radio show, the ladies are invited to join Brad in the hot tub where they battle for some one-on-one time. Britt manages to make the most of her moment by sharing a kiss with Brad. Ashley H. hops out of the hot tub to catch the tail end the Brad/Britt smooch-a-thon. She threatens to step back, but Brad tells her to hang in there. But at the end of the date, he gives Britt the rose.

Flight Delay

Michelle gets the second one-on-one date, but the start of it is delayed when Brad asks to chat with Ashley H. Michelle is very understanding. Yeah, right. Sure she is. A half hour later, Michelle drags Brad out the door as that helicopter returns to take them to downtown Los Angeles where they land atop a skyscraper. They'll be having dinner by the pool at the bottom of the building. But how will they get there?

A Repelling Situation

Brad and Michelle must repel down the side of the tall building. Michelle believes this is a leap of faith for love. They share a kiss during their descent and a big hug when they finally reach the ground. Later, there's champagne and kisses in the pool. Michelle obviously makes a splash with Brad, as he gives her a rose.

The Cocktail Party

Brad tries to assure a few of the girls who didn't get dates this week that all is well. Shawntel jumps into his arms, but Meghan also believes Brad makes a huge statement when he pulls Emily away for a date right there at the mansion.

The Rose Ceremony

Britt, Michelle and Chantal are three ladies who are safe. But three others must now leave the mansion. Brad gives roses to:

Ashley S.







Ashley H.

Meghan, Stacey and Lindsay must head home. 11 ladies remain. Next week it's off to Vegas, baby!