The Bachelor Episode 13.03
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The Bachelor Episode 13.03

Episode Premiere
Jan 19, 2009
Reality, Romance
Production Company
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Episode Premiere
Jan 19, 2009
Reality, Romance
2002 - now
Production Co
Next Entertainment, Warner Horizon Television
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Host Chris greets the 12 remaining Bachelorettes and tells them this week there will be one group date and two one-on-one dates, and that a rose will be up for grabs on each date. As with the previous week, not every woman will get a chance to go on a date with Jason.

The first date is for Stephanie. The note reads, "Come play with me." Megan, meanwhile, is depressed that she's not getting the first date, and is worried she won't get one at all. In the limo, Stephanie calls her daughter, Sophia, to wish her happy birthday, but only reaches voicemail.

Stephanie arrives at the beach, where she immediately does a cartwheel out of joy. "I know you gave up a lot to be here today," Jason tells her. She's astounded when she turns and sees her daughter running towards her on the beach. Sophia jumps into her arms, knocking Stephanie to the ground. "This is a dream come true," Stephanie exclaims and the touching scene brings Jason to tears.

Jason tells them he has more fun things planned. Next they take a limo to Legoland, which is open just for them. Jason thinks Sophia is a lot like his son, Ty, and that they'd be "great together." Jason reminds Stephanie of her late husband and she sees how great a dad Jason would be. Stephanie says she'd love to meet Ty, but that she also understands that she'd have to step back and let his mother remain his mother. Stephanie tells him she's dated a little since her husband died, but never found the right connection.

Naomi reads the next date invite: It's for her, Shannon, Melissa, Kari, Jillian, Nikki, Erica and Megan. Molly, who hasn't gotten a date invite yet this week, wonders if it's because Jason is sure he wants to keep her or because he's sure he wants to let her go.

Jason presents Stephanie with a rose, saying, "I had one of the most amazing days." Privately, Stephanie believes, "Today is a running start to Jason and I falling in love" and that he "just lights her up." Jason, in voiceover, says that today he felt like a family. "Where one family was broken, maybe another can be made," Stephanie tearfully tells the camera.

Jason is looking forward to the "sexy" group date. He takes the women to a loft where they're going to take casts of their bodies and then paint their busts, which will be auctioned off to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Jason takes off his shirt and Erica and Melissa help rub him down with oil so that the wraps won't stick to his skin. He asks for volunteers from the women to strip down to make their own busts. Once the women are coated with cloth strips, he comes around to help smooth out the material. Shannon asks Jason to apply the plaster to her body and she's very grateful for the "intimate moment," saying later, "It felt good for him to rub my body."

Once the casts are done, the women get to paint them. Kari, whose stepsister has breast cancer, plans to paint a heart on hers. Erica looks appalled when Megan says she wants to paint a fetus on her bust. "I really think some girls are as shallow as the kiddie pool, and they don't even understand half of my depth," Megan says to the camera, adding that they just find her "weird."

Jason plans to hand out the rose based on who is the most spontaneous and adventurous. After the painting session is over, the women join Jason for drinks upstairs. Melissa admits that she's highly critical of herself and she confesses her "big secret" -- that she had a breast reduction at age 17.

Jason tells Megan he found her "a little quiet" today and she explains she was concentrating on her painting. She talks about how she "lives to serve other people" and that a whole week without having someone "thank me or praise me or thank God that I'm in their life has been driving me crazy." Then she adds that doing the charity work finally made her feel "worthwhile."

Meanwhile, Nikki is frustrated at having to share Jason, and in their one-on-one time, she raves about how much she loved the date -- and then runs out of things to say. Privately, she admits that she doesn't know how to be spontaneous, and that she's trying too hard to be perfect.

Natalie, Molly and Lauren wait to see who's going to get the one-on-one date, and when the car arrives, it's for Natalie. The note says, "Wear your best dress and I'll do the rest."

Shannon is in a "funk," as she tells Naomi that she hasn't had any one-on-one time with Jason. Jillian, meanwhile, has fun jumping on the bed with Jason. It's time to give out the first rose and Jason, after saying what a cool date it was, gives the rose to Jillian. Megan admits to being "let down."

Jason arrives and Natalie is still getting ready. Shannon finds Natalie more "materialistic" and "insecure" than the other woman, and is sure that Jason won't give Natalie a rose. Jason tells her she looks fantastic in a short black dress, but that it's 'missing something." In front of the other women, he presents her a diamond necklace that's worth over a million dollars.

They take a limo to a private jet, where they toast to getting to know each other better. Next, they board a helicopter and fly over Las Vegas. "This is crazy," Natalie says. "I feel like the luckiest girl in the world." Jason rubs her arm while they fly and says privately he feels like they're a "real couple," even a celebrity couple, because of the diamonds and the jet, but wants to see if there's more.

Back at the house, Megan tells the other women that this night will tell them what Jason is looking for and many of the other women agree that if he does fall for Natalie, he won't be right for them.

Eyeing the wedding chapels on the strip, Natalie concocts a plan to elope with Jason tonight. Walking into the restaurant with her, Jason feels like he's James Bond, with the girl everyone wants on his arm, but he still needs to know if there's a chance for a real relationship.

He asks her to tell him about herself and she says that she's the "sporty girl who loves clothes." He finds it easy to talk to her, but that he has to "pull" information of her. She tells him she's ready to settle down and not just be a party girl, but he's not convinced. After dinner, he has a surprise for her: a private performance from Kate Vogel. When he realizes that she wants him to kiss her, and that he doesn't feel it, he decides he's not going to give her the rose. He tells her that it's one of the best dates he's ever been on, but says, "I can't give you this rose." She wants to know why and he explains that he didn't think they had enough in common. As he leads her to the limo, she says she's surprised he's sending her home and keeping some of the "mean" girls. And she chews him out for adding suspense by holding the rose for so long. When he repeats that he didn't feel anything tonight, she says, "Okay, goodbye." In the limo, she's still mad, saying, "I don't want to sound conceited, but I've got a lot going on. If you can't feel a connection with me, who are you, God?"

Nikki, seeing that Natalie's bags are being picked up, tells the other women she's "ecstatic" that Natalie is gone and that it's so much more relaxed without her. Megan says she's relieved that Jason has "shown good judgment." Lauren, however, is disgusted that there's applause at the news that Natalie left.

Natalie is gone, but her words about "mean girls," are bothering Jason, so during the next cocktail party, he asks Naomi who she thinks Natalie was talking about. Naomi admits that none of the women were fans of Natalie's and that they were relieved to see her go. Naomi says she's rather talk about other things than "the girls." She tells she could really see falling for him, and they kiss, but when the other women notice she's missing some lip gloss, she denies it, but goes to put more on.

Nikki's goal is to show Jason her "fun side," and hopes that a kiss will happen for her too. When he tells her that she seems like someone who plans things out, and he admits it's "not one of his strengths." They do kiss, which she hasn't done since her last boyfriend of 11 years.

Jillian tells the other women that she was shocked to receive another rose, but doesn't want to be considered a frontrunner.

Erica assures Jason that she's happy to be here, even if she's not getting individual roses. He tells her he never got a rose on a date. She thinks he's checking out her boobs, which he denies, but he likes that he makes her laugh.

Molly tells Jason she gets butterflies around him. He responds, "I like what I see about you," and kisses her. Although Molly didn't name any names when Jason mentioned Natalie's "mean girls" comment, she repeats it to the group and they worry that one of their names got dropped to Jason.

In her one-on-one time, Shannon starts to cry, saying she's worried that she's not making the connection that the other women are. "I'm just emotional all the way around," she says. "I just want to be real," she says, adding, "I am so ready to be a mother." Jason's a bit thrown, but is convinced that she's not one of the girls Natalie was talking about.

Stephanie tells Jason to close his eyes so she can thank him, "for the beautiful, beautiful memory you've created for me and Sophia" and for the feeling now that she can love again. She kisses him on both cheeks and then he kisses her briefly on the lips.

Lauren decides to "clear the air" with Jason about how some of the drama in the house. Megan is worried that Natalie "threw her under the bus," so she eavesdrops as Lauren tells Jason that Megan and Erica are the "drama queens" of the house, and that she's afraid of Megan. "If she's your type, you're not my type," she tells him.

Megan is shocked that Lauren "stabbed her in the back." When Lauren returns to the group, Megan says she would "lose respect for anyone who went and tattled to Jason. Like, really, are you five?"

Jason isn't sure how to proceed: He believes Lauren, but hasn't seen any of Erica or Megan's bad behavior for himself. Before the rose ceremony, Host Chris announces that after all the drama, he wants to know what Jason should hear before he makes his decision tonight. Erica says, "I'm shocked. I thought we all got along." Nikki says that the one woman who was a problem, Natalie, is gone, and that she badmouthed the other women to Jason simply out of bitterness. She assures him that everything's fine, but Megan says she knows people have been "talking trash" about her. "I feel unfairly targeted. Maybe I shouldn't be so trusting." Chris wants to know who has a problem with Megan and Lauren says she doesn't feel it's the time or place to have that discussion. While Megan and Lauren discuss what should be private and who said what about who, Shannon walks away, saying, "I hate it here." Jason goes after her, finding her in the bathroom being sick. The situation is so tense that Naomi wishes she could walk away too.

Megan is sick of Shannon's complaining and, to the camera, calls her a "selfish, self-absorbed bleep." Shannon returns and Jason thanks everyone for opening up, saying, "It really helped me make my decision."

He gives roses to:Molly







That leaves only Kari and Erica without roses. Erica gives Molly and Melissa hugs saying, "To my ladies." Kari hugs Jason. She says, "It's hard," and feels that she should have been more flirty and that in the future, she won't "hang back" as much. "Personally, I'm really disappointed," Erica says, and blames all the drama on Megan. "If these girls want to say bad things about me to Jason, than this is bull**it." She feels anyone would react the way she did and says, "I should be in there."

Inside, Jason thanks for the women for being here, especially since it's been so tough.