Gayle King Shares Positive Update on Oprah Winfrey With Her Outfit
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The CBS News chief anchor cheekily responds to numerous questions she has received following her best friend's ER trip by wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with, 'Oprah is fine!' on the chest area.

AceShowbiz - Gayle King has assured Oprah Winfrey is okay after she revealed her best's medical issue. Expressing her frustration with "10 people" in her office asking her how her BFF is doing following her trip to the emergency room, she found a fun way to answer those questions.

On Wednesday, June 12, she posted pictures of herself wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with the announcement, "Oprah is fine! Thank you for asking," on the chest area. On the back, the T-shirt featured a line that read, "She appreciates your concern!"

This week, Gayle King found herself in the hot seat after sharing a bit too much about Oprah Winfrey's recent health scare. The CBS News chief anchor, who has been friends with Oprah for 48 years, faced a barrage of concerned inquiries about Oprah's condition after revealing on "CBS Mornings" that the media mogul had visited the emergency room due to a severe stomach virus and dehydration.

On Tuesday, Oprah, 70, was notably absent from her scheduled book club appearance alongside Gayle on "CBS Mornings". Gayle explained to viewers, "She had some kind of stomach thing-stomach flu-stuff was coming out of both ends," adding that it led to dehydration and an IV in the emergency room. This prompted an outpouring of concern from Oprah fans and colleagues.

To address the situation and assure everyone of Oprah's well-being, Gayle posted a video call with Oprah on Instagram. During the call, Oprah reassured her fans that she was "on her way to 100" and confirmed that five others in her household had also contracted the virus. "I had a dry mouth and I couldn't keep enough water down to get hydrated, so I went to the emergency room for that, and that's just it," Oprah explained. She urged everyone to wash their hands to prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus.

Gayle clarified her intentions. She said her aim was to underscore how serious Oprah's condition had to be for her to miss an appearance-a rarity in their book club’s history. "The only point I was trying to make is to show how badly you wanted to be there to promote the book 'cause you never miss those," she explained.

Oprah reinforced Gayle's sentiment, expressing no hard feelings over the revelation. "I thought what you were trying to do was explain why I wasn't there and doing that in a definitive way," she said, adding a bit of humor about the flood of concern, "Everybody I've ever known who has access to my email has called me to say, 'Are you alright?' Thanks!"

The event also reignited discussions about Oprah's usage of weight loss medications like semaglutides, which she admitted to last December for achieving her weight loss goals. Oprah's openness about her struggles and triumphs with weight has been a longstanding part of her public persona, further endearing her to fans who see her as relatable and earnest.

Despite the mini-scandal, the legendary duo's bond remains unshaken, proving once again that true friendship can withstand even the most public of trials. As Oprah continues her recovery, her message remains clear: wash your hands and take care of your health. In the meantime, fans can look forward to her upcoming role in Tyler Perry's WWII drama, "Six Triple Eight", premiering later this year on Netflix.

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