Amanda Kloots Details Overwhelming Hospital Bills After Nick Cordero's 95-Day Battle With COVID-19
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In a heart-wrenching revelation, The TV personality and co-host of 'The Talk' shares the staggering cost of her husband's 95-day hospitalization and its impact on her financial situation.

AceShowbiz - Amanda Kloots has opened up about the financial strain caused by the hospitalization of her late husband, Nick Cordero. During an appearance on SoFi's "Richer Lives" podcast, Kloots, 42, detailed the overwhelming hospital bills she faced after Cordero's 95-day battle with COVID-19, which ultimately claimed his life in July 2020.

"Nick was in the hospital for 95 days," Kloots said. "His whole body was being run by machines. The ventilator alone was $3,000 a day, on top of the 20 other machines that were running his body." She vividly recalled her immediate reaction upon learning the cost, stating, "When I heard that, I immediately was like, 'What am I going to do?' So you can imagine what the total bill was."

Kloots revealed that she never anticipated losing her husband, who she believed would recover from his ordeal. "I never thought I was going to lose my husband. Up until the day he passed away, I really thought we were going to make it," she shared. It wasn't until he had passed that the true financial burden became clear. "Unfortunately death is a business," she noted.

The couple, who had welcomed their son Elvis just thirteen months before Cordero's death, had never discussed plans for such dire circumstances. This lack of preparation added to the shock when Kloots received a substantial medical bill nearly a year and a half after Cordero's passing.

"Because you think you're invincible," the television personality explained. "You're in your 40s. You're like, 'Nothing's gonna happen to us. We're fine. We've got time. We were just starting our lives.' " This sentiment was echoed in her Instagram post marking the four-year anniversary of taking Cordero to the hospital, where she urged her followers to appreciate every moment with their loved ones.

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