Rihanna Reacts to Pregnancy and Retirement Rumors

Rihanna has addressed rumors surrounding her personal life and music career as she talks about juggling her roles as a doting mom to two young boys, singer, and entrepreneurial mogul.

AceShowbiz - Rihanna, the 36-year-old multi-talent, recently set the record straight on the rumor suggesting she's expecting her third child with A$AP Rocky. "I'm not pregnant, if that's what you're asking," she laughed when asked by Entertainment Tonight about expanding her family at the Rihanna x Fenty Hair launch party at Nya Studios in Los Angeles.

Addressing her past comments on wanting to be a "girl mom," Rihanna humorously remarked on her current situation. "Look how that worked out," she joked, alluding to her two sons, RZA, 2, and Riot, 10 months. When asked if she plans for more children, Rihanna replied with a hopeful, "I do."

RiRi is embodying the essence of a modern working mom, expertly navigating her demanding career while also focusing on family. While her role as a mother is a significant part of her life, Rihanna assures her fans that she hasn't left her music career behind.

During the same event, she quelled rumors about her music hiatus, which sparked when she was seen in New York City donning a t-shirt that read, "I'm Retired." Rihanna explained, "People got triggered with that retired word... No one read the other line, it was something about, 'This is as dressed up as I get.' "

Despite the speculations, Rihanna confirmed she's far from done with music. She shared that she's been dedicating time to her highly anticipated album, dubbed "R9" by her fans, although the process has been lengthy.

"I think that music, for me, is a new discovery," she stated. "I'm rediscovering things. I have been working on the album for so long that I kinda put all that stuff aside and now I'm prepared to go back in the studio. I'm gonna start -- give me a second!"

The mother of two revealed she's revisiting her existing tracks with fresh ears. "Yeah, I'm starting over," she admitted. "But I don't want to neglect the songs that I have, so I actually want to go back and listen to stuff with new ears, with my new perspective and then see what applies and what I'm still in love with."

Rihanna's journey is a testament to her resilience and versatility, proving that it's possible to balance personal aspirations with a thriving professional life. Her fans eagerly await her next steps, both as a musician rediscovering her craft and as a mother potentially expanding her familial horizon.

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