Justin Bieber Allegedly Gave Odell Beckham Jr. Oral Pleasure at Diddy's Party

In a new video circulating online, Jaguar Wright and Tokyo Toni make the wild allegations, referring to a clip of Justin and Odell at one of the parties that Diddy hosted.

AceShowbiz - Jaguar Wright and Tokyo Toni made some wild allegations about Justin Bieber. In a new video circulating online, the two claimed that Justin Bieber used to give Odell Beckham Jr. an oral sex at Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' bash.

In the clip, Tokyo was singing along to some music before Jaguar started to mention Justin. "Can we talk about why Justin Bieber's running around breaking up relationships?" she asked.

To that, the mother of Blac Chyna replied, "Cuz he was sucking that d**k on them knees." Jaguar co-signed the allegations, saying, "He must have sucked the s**t out of Odell's d**k. They've got that boy on the clock."

The two women were referring to a clip of Justin and Odell at one of the parties that Diddy hosted. At the time, it was rumored that they were hooking up at the event. Some Internet users even came up with a theory that it was the reason why Odell and Kim Kardashian broke up.

Internet users, however, didn't seem to take their claims seriously. "And y'all believe every word she says, just because nobody has sued her.. Nothing from nothing will get you what? That's your answer.. Jaguar just regurgitates rumors from social media and delivers it in an entertaining & salacious way..," one said.

"I'm sorry spilling tea and outing someone who was a possible victim and being taken advantage off by the same people some of yall was villainizing a week ago is insane!!!! Why is it okay to tell others 'Truth' before they speak on it? SMH," slamming the twosome, someone added.

"When bat s**t and crazy link up," another commented on their friendship. "Jag needs to be careful be around just any and everyone. All won't have good intentions," one other echoed the sentiment.

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