'South Park' Mocks Lizzo and Ozempic Craze
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In its latest parody, the iconic animated series tackles the issues surrounding body positivity, taking a jab at celebrities for their conflicting messages amid the growing trend of weight-loss drugs.

AceShowbiz - The ever-provocative and hilarious "South Park" is back with a new special titled "The End of Obesity", now streaming on Paramount+. This time, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone aim their satirical arrows at the growing craze for weight-loss drugs like Ozempic while also bringing pop star Lizzo into the mix.

The episode kicks off with Eric Cartman visiting his doctor, desperate to get his hands on Ozempic to shed some pounds. However, his financial barriers prevent him from accessing the drug, pushing his doctor to prescribe him an unconventional alternative.

"I'm going to write you a prescription for Lizzo," says the doctor, highlighting the juxtaposition between body positivity and the expensive, exclusive weight-loss solutions like Ozempic. As Cartman bitterly observes, "Rich people get Ozempic, poor people get body positivity!"

"South Park" doesn't just stop at body positivity. The episode weaves through various absurd scenarios, including local moms donning crop tops and holding "drug parties" to share their weight-loss injections, eventually leading to desperate pharmacy robberies.

Meanwhile, Cartman's friend Kyle takes the resourceful route by concocting homemade weight-loss injections using ingredients from India, remarking, "Who needs hospitals and insurance when we have TikTok and YouTube?"

The plot thickens as the episode brings in cereal mascots. Facing dwindling sales due to the uptick in obesity drugs, these animated characters lament their loss of wealthy customers. "We're only losing the rich people. We'll be fine if lower income people keep taking Lizzo!" one mascot complains, adding another layer of satire on very conflicting messages around body image.

The special features a faux commercial showcasing Lizzo as a miraculous solution to self-love and body positivity. "FDA approved Lizzo makes you feel good about your weight!" a narrator declares humorously, though the mock advertisement warns about surreal side effects like "literally s**ting out of your ears."

Amidst all the comedy and satire, "South Park" raises pertinent questions about societal expectations, healthcare disparities, and the impact of weight-loss trends. The episode is not only a comedic roller coaster but also a biting commentary on modern obsessions with quick fixes for complex personal issues.

"South Park: The End of Obesity" is now available exclusively on Paramount+, further expanding the series' impressive catalog of streaming specials.

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