Taylor Swift Shares Inspiration Behind 5 'Tortured Poets Department' Tracks

Amazon Music offers an exclusive track-by-track commentary experience where the singer reveals the inspirations and themes behind her newly-released eleventh studio album.

AceShowbiz - Amazon Music has released a track-by-track commentary experience for Taylor Swift's new album, "The Tortured Poets Department". Fans can listen to her 11th studio album with insights from Swift herself, revealing the stories behind her lyrics.

Swift described the album as "an anthology of new works that reflect events, opinions, and sentiments from a fleeting and fatalistic moment in time." Upon its release, she revealed that the 17 songs initially announced were not all she had to say about this era of her life and released an additional 15 tracks.

On "Fortnight", which features Post Malone, Swift discusses the themes of fatalism and lost dreams, imagining a setting where the American dream has not materialized for a couple.

On "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys", She uses a metaphor, which explores the pain of being cherished by a loved one only to have them abandon you, leaving a sense of clinging hope and denial.

The song "Florida!!!", which features Florence + The Machine, is inspired by the TV show "Dateline". On it, Swift contemplates the desire to escape and reinvent oneself after life's circumstances lead to judgment and consequences.

Meanwhile, on "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?" that was written alone at the piano, Swift expresses her frustration with the public's ownership and judgment of artists. She questions how society puts creatives through pain for entertainment.

On "Clara Bow", Swift explores the industry's tendency to compare and disparage female artists. She narrates a conversation between a young woman and a powerful figure, highlighting the message that women are often seen as replaceable rather than celebrated for their own greatness.

To access the commentary, Amazon Music customers can ask Alexa, "Alexa, I'm a member of 'The Tortured Poets Department.' " Alternatively, they can access the tracks directly through the Amazon Music app.

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