Taylor Swift Shares Rare Intimate Video With Travis Kelce to Celebrate 'Fortnight' Release

Urging fans to join '#ForAFortnightChallenge', the 14-time Grammy winner shares behind-the-scenes clip that includes footage of her NFL star boyfriend kissing her while she's cooking.

AceShowbiz - Taylor Swift gets candid about her personal life in a new video to promote "Fortnight". The singer/songwriter gives a rare look at her intimate moment with Travis Kelce in the behind-the-scenes clip.

Minutes after dropping the music video for "Fortnight" featuring Post Malone on Friday, April 19, the 34-year-old unveils the clip to launch "#ForAFortnightChallenge". In a split second, fans can see Travis sweetly planting a kiss on Taylor's cheek while she's cooking.

Other moments captured in the video include the 14-time Grammy winner dancing in the recording studio, exercising, sewing, baking, playing tennis and partying. She also shows her cat and temporary tattoos on her face for the "Fortnight" music video.

Fans loved to see Taylor getting more open about her personal life as one of them commented on the video, which was uploaded to YouTube, "Never thought we'd see you feel comfortable and secure enough to share this side of your life. Congratulations." Another gushed, "This is so refreshing to see you happy after having this album drop."

Echoing the sentiment, a third fan penned, "It's so refreshing to see you with Trav. Thank you for being so beautifully and unapologetically you. And feeling safe enough to release your most raw inner thoughts. We love and appreciate you so much, Taylor."

"It makes me happy that Taylor is happy and is sharing bits of her life with us. True Swifties are happy for you!" a supportive fan added. Another commented, "Travis just popping a kiss like that is just so adorable, I'm so happy yall are so happy."

Other left comments that read, "It makes me happy that Taylor is happy and is sharing bits of her life with us. True Swifties are happy for you!" and "She's honestly so HUMAN - I love seeing her cute, relatable, human side - baking cinnamon swirls, loving her cats (and of course Travis!)"

Taylor just released her eleventh album "The Tortured Poets Department" that features "Fortnight". In the music video for the first single itself, Taylor is trapped in some kind of asylum or mental institution while Post Malone plays a tortured lover who tries to save her.

The music video was inspired by the film "Dead Poets Society" and features Ethan Hawke and Josh Charles who star in the 1989 movie. The actors play scientists who conduct experiments on Taylor.

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