Quentin Tarantino Backs Out of 'The Movie Critic' as Final Project
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In an unexpected turn that has taken Hollywood and fans by surprise, the 'Kill Bill' director has decided to step away from what was to be his final masterpiece, 'The Movie Critic'.

AceShowbiz - Quentin Tarantino has dropped "The Movie Critic" as his planned 10th and final film. Sources close to the director confirmed to Deadline that he has simply had a change of heart and will not be moving forward with the project.

"The Movie Critic" had gained significant momentum after Brad Pitt entered talks for the lead role and Sony expressed interest in releasing the film. However, Tarantino reportedly decided to rewrite his script, delaying production. The director ultimately felt that the project was not the right fit for his final film.

Tarantino originally envisioned "The Movie Critic" as a story set in 1977 California about a real-life movie reviewer for a "porno rag." Tarantino has cited his own experience loading porn magazines into vending machines as an inspiration for the project.

This is not the first time Tarantino has pivoted after finding it necessary. In the past, he shelved "The Hateful Eight" after the script was leaked, but he eventually returned to the project after a successful reading.

Sources indicate that Tarantino is going back to the drawing board to determine what his final film will be. He has remained steadfast in his decision to direct only 10 feature films, so the announcement that "The Movie Critic" will not be his last project has come as a surprise to many fans.

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