J. Cole Removes '7 Minute Drill' From Streaming Services After Apologizing to Kendrick Lamar

The 'Might Delete Later' artist fulfills his promise by removing the diss track against his rival after publicly declaring that he regretted throwing shade at his nemesis.

AceShowbiz - J. Cole has fulfilled his promise by removing his Kendrick Lamar diss track "7 Minute Drill" from streaming platforms. The song, which was previously the closing track on Cole's "Might Delete Later" mixtape, has been taken down from services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

The move comes days after Cole expressed regret for releasing the song during his set at the Dreamville Festival. He called it "the lamest s**t [he's] ever done" and stated that it went against his spirit and disrupted his peace.

Cole also said that he did not "even feel no way" about Lamar's shade. He admitted that he "felt conflicted" to fire back since "the world wanna see blood." He further claimed that releasing the diss track "disrupts my f**kin' peace."

He later asked the audience, "How many people think Kendrick Lamar is one of the greatest motherf**kers to ever touch a f**kin' microphone? Dreamville, y'all love Kendrick Lamar, correct? As do I."

Cole's "7 Minute Drill" was a response to Lamar's uncredited appearance in Future and Metro Boomin's "Like That", in which Lamar criticized Cole and Drake for labeling themselves "the big three." Cole initially defended his inclusion by firing back on "7 Minute Drill."

However, his change of heart and subsequent removal of the song has drawn mixed reactions. Some have praised Cole's maturity and respect for Lamar's greatness, while others have questioned the authenticity of the move in the competitive landscape of hip-hop.

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