J. Cole Takes Aim at Future in New Song 'Crocodile Tearz'

The 'Power Trip' rapper makes a subtle reference to the 'Mask Off' star in one of the new tracks from his newly-released studio album 'Might Delete Later'.

AceShowbiz - On Friday, April 5, J. Cole surprised fans with the release of a new album titled "Might Delete Later." This project serves as a precursor to his highly anticipated album "The Fall Off," rumored to drop later this year.

Amidst a brewing rivalry with Kendrick Lamar, Cole released his album featuring a diss track called "7 Minute Drill." In the track, he criticized Lamar's albums, prompting widespread speculation and dissection by fans.

Another notable diss came on the song "Crocodile Tearz." Cole rapped, "The uno, G-O-A-T, I need my fee, f**k kudos," followed by a reference to "Pluto," a possible shot at Future, who collaborated with Kendrick on the track "Like That" and released his debut album called "Pluto" in 2012.

The diss track has sparked a heated debate, with fans and critics dissecting Cole's lyrics and speculating on the potential fallout. It remains to be seen whether Kendrick Lamar or Future will retaliate, creating endless possibilities for the feud.

While Future has not yet responded, he is set to release another new album "We Still Don't Trust You" scheduled for release on April 12.

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