Ariana Madix Threatens to Call Cops on Tom Sandoval During Heated Fight

The latest episode of Bravo's reality TV show 'Vanderpump Rules' displays the escalating drama between the former couple as the exes clash in a foul-mouthed argument.

AceShowbiz - In Tuesday, April 2 episode of "Vanderpump Rules", tempers flared between Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval, leading Ariana to threaten to call the police.

The drama unfolded after a conversation between Ariana and Tom's assistant, Ann Maddox, about potentially working for Ariana. Tom overheard the conversation and confronted Ann, which left her in tears.

Ariana defended Ann, accusing Tom of harassing her and putting her dog, Maya, in danger the previous week. "You want to come back at me about the litter box when you almost killed my f**king dog?" she yelled.

Tom responded by telling Ariana to "put on her big girl panties" and address the situation regarding their shared house. However, Ariana fired back, citing Tom's carelessness and disregard for her dream home.

The tension escalated as Ariana repeatedly demanded that Tom "get away from" her and "never look me in the eye again." Tom retorted, "You've already got everything, Ariana! You've got all the campaigns now you're going to take my assistant?"

Ariana reached her breaking point and threatened to call 911, accusing Tom of ruining her life.

Lala Kent and Scheana Shay advised Ariana to let go of her anger, but she refused, convinced that Tom was incapable of remorse or accountability.

Despite the ongoing conflict, the group agreed to include Sandoval in a beach day. However, Ariana's resentment resurfaced as she argued over ownership of animals and money owed.

Ariana expressed disappointment in her friends for not defending her against Tom's misogynistic behavior. "You guys gotta kind of step in as men and be like, 'Bro, shut the f**k up,' " she said.

Ariana remains resolute in her decision to separate her belongings from Tom's, expressing her belief that he assumed she would leave everything behind when he offered to "buy her out of the house."

As the season continues, fans can expect more confrontations and revelations as the drama between Ariana and Tom deepens.

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