Saweetie Told to 'Twerk More' Because Her Rap Is 'Too Monotone'

The 'Tap In' hitmaker reveals one of the advices she received from top figures in the industry but refused to follow, insisting it's one of those 'lazy marketing' strategies.

AceShowbiz - Saweetie has "always been underestimated." The 30-year-old rap star feels she's been underestimated throughout her life - but Saweetie hasn't allowed her doubters to stop her from realising her ambitions.

"I've always been underestimated - it's like a recurring theme in my life," she shared to Allure magazine. "That's why the internet don't really bother me."

"There'd be moments in classes when the white teachers would be like, 'Does your mom do your homework for you? Because we know that you're not this smart.' Or when I would try out for sports, they'd be, 'Oh, she's a pretty girl, she probably sucks.' It was just constant doubt, all the time. But that created the confidence, created me depending on myself, and me always wanting to break boundaries."

Saweetie - whose real name is Diamonte Harper - also claims that she's been given bad advice by some music executives. The "My Type" hitmaker said, "I was told I should twerk more on my Instagram."

"I was told that my voice was very boring. I was told that I rapped too monotone and needed more energy. I was told that I needed to share more of my life on the internet. I'm going to twerk when I want to. That's not going to be my marketing. And if that's what you truly love to do, then empower yourself through that. But that's not innate to me."

Saweetie insists she won't follow "lazy marketing" or poor advice from music executives. The rapper said, "If I get caught at a party or if I'm turning up, okay, cool. But I'm not finna do that because you guys think I should. That's lazy marketing."

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