'Babylon' Director 'Trepidatious' About His Next Movie After His Margot Robbie-Fronted Film Flopped
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Damiel Chazelle says he is likely to struggle to get funding for his next big screen project after the Margot Robbie-starring racy movie bombed on box office.

AceShowbiz - Damien Chazelle is aware "Babylon" is going to impact the funding he gets for his future films. The Oscar-winning director's 2022 blockbuster - which starred Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie and explored the changes in Hollywood when it transitioned from silent movies to talking pictures - garnered mixed reviews and took just $15 million domestically against an $80 million budget, and the 39-year-old filmmaker is aware that he is unlikely to secure so much money for his next project as a result.

"Certainly, in financial terms, 'Babylon' didn't work at all. You try to not have that effect what you're doing creatively, but, at some level, it can't help but affect it. But maybe that's OK?" he said on the "Talking Pictures" podcast.

"I have a very mixed mind about it. Who knows. Maybe I won't be able to get this one made. I have no idea. We'll have to wait and see."

"I've been head in the sand. I've been sort of busy writing. So I'll get a real taste of how it's changed or not [since 'Babylon'] once I get to finish this script and try to actually get it made. I'm in a sort of trepidatious state of mind, but I have no illusions. I won't get a budget of 'Babylon' size any time soon, or at least not on this next one."

Damien previously admitted he knew the movie would "ruffle some feathers" and he welcomed differing views of the film.

He told Insider, "Once the filmmaker finishes the movie, then it sort of becomes the audience's, and that includes the critics, includes everyone. And everyone's gonna have a different take on the film, and I think they're all legitimate. Then it becomes the world's movie, in a way."

The "La La Land" director believes that the debate surrounding "Babylon" is healthy for the film industry and he was aware that his work was likely to provoke strong opinions.

He said, "But it's good to have something that stimulates conversation and debate and a lot of fierce opinions on either side. We all knew the movie was gonna ruffle some feathers and get some people mad, and I think that's good. More movies should do that."

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