Finesse2Tymes Accuses His Brother of Clout Chasing for Claiming Rapper Ordered Attack on Him

The Memphis native fires back at his brother after the latter claims during a public rant that the 'Back End' spitter 'let his own n***as jump me.'

AceShowbiz - Finesse2Tymes has shut down his brother's claim about ordering an attack on him. After his unidentified sibling launched a public rant against the emcee on social media, Finesse2Tymes took to his account to shut down the allegation.

"N***as get on the internet [lying] for clout shyt wild," the 31-year-old, who welcomed a child with his ex-girlfriend Nia Love last month, wrote on Instagram Story, "then views ain't gone get u no money."

Finesse2Tymes' post arrived after his brother fumed during an Instagram Live, "[He] let his own n***as jump me," the unidentified brother said. "What n***a you know let his own n***as jump him?" He then raged, "Don't say nothing to me about no Finesse2Tymes, no none of that s**t. I'm standing on it this time. I tried to come back and show my love, show my loyalty."

"Just because I don't want to leave, you tell these n***as [to] put they hands on me, like I'm a b***h," he continued. "Then he tell one of his n***as - I got all this s**t on footage, bro - then he tell one of his n***as, 'Go on and fight him. I don't want the one-on-one with him.' That n***a jumped me."

Finesse2Tymes' brother didn't disclose the reason behind the alleged attack. However, he said he would "expose" people close to the hip-hop artist, including his girlfriend FNG Shugga.

Siblings' feud aside, Finesse2Tymes just revealed the sex of his and FNG Shugga's unborn baby. Sharing photos and videos from their gender reveal party, the rapper wrote, "U gotta take the good with the bad , smiles with the sad , Love what u got , and remember what u had. #ItsAGirl‼️ #Thefinessers #GenderReveal @1.liju @fngshugga."

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