Ryan Reynolds Unleashes Fake Set Photos From 'Deadpool 3' to Fight Back Leakers
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The Hollywood star makes the tactic just days after he posted a plea on Instagram, saying, 'Surprises are part of the magic of theatrical movies.'

AceShowbiz - Ryan Reynolds has found his way to troll people sharing spoilers for "Deadpool 3". Taking to social media, the actor unleashed some fake set pictures from the upcoming movie.

The 47-year-old Hollywood star posted the photos on his Instagram Story. "Deadpool began with a leak," he wrote in the caption. "So I'm joining in. But PLEASE don't overuse the phrase, 'Deadpool Leaks' because it might screw up search results if anyone is looking for Deadpool leaks or Deadpool spoilers or perhaps, Deadpool Scoops."

Ryan Reynolds' IG Story

Ryan Reynolds shared some fake set pictures from 'Deadpool 3'.

This tactic came just a day after Ryan posted a plea on Instagram Story. "Surprises are part of the magic of theatrical movies," he wrote. "It's important for us to shoot the new Deadpool film in real, natural environments, using practical effects as opposed to making movies indoors and digitally. Telephoto lenses continue to spoil surprises and create a difficult situation for everyone."

"Here's hoping some of the websites and social channels hold back showing images before they're ready," the husband of Blake Lively continued. "The film is built for audience joy - and our highest hope is to preserve as much of that magic as possible for the finished film and the big screen. Part of the reason people post spoilers is because they're excited. I realize these aren't real world issues and it's firmly in the 'good problems' bucket. I love making this movie."

Days prior to that, leaked photos from the set of "Deadpool 3" confirmed the return of yet another "X-Men" character. In the images, Reynolds' Deadpool and Hugh Jackman's Wolverine are fighting Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth on a desolate wasteland.

Besides Sabretooth, there have been rumors that the movie would bring back Jennifer Garner's Elektra. It will also feature other "X-Men" characters such as Dogpool, Toad and Dazzler, with Taylor Swift allegedly playing the character.

Filming for "Deadpool 3" began in May in London, before it was suspended in July because of the SAG-AFTRA strike. As the actors' strike ended on November 9, filming resumed before Thanksgiving. However, Disney announced that the strike affected the release date of some films, including "Deadpool 3" which has been pushed back from May 3, 2024 to July 26, 2024.

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