This Is Why Diddy's Ex-Head of Security Plans to Spill the Tea Amid His Sexual Assault Lawsuits
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Roger Bonds explains why he decided to turn his back on his former boss amid sexual allegations against the rapper just days after he vowed to speak up as he was named in Cassie's lawsuit.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' former security head continues to hint that he will speak up against the rapper. Roger Bonds also explained why he decided to turn his back on his former boss amid sexual allegations against him.

"At one time I would have tooken a bullet for this man and those that know me know that's true. What happen?" Roger penned alongside a photo of him and Diddy shared on Tuesday, November 28. "People say yo why you saying that why you doing this . One reason is because you can't do nothing else unless you want to end up in jail."

"Nobody worried about there kids when I had them I mean nobody. Where is the Loyalty at when it's my SON ?" he continued. "Your want me to have loyalty to someone who couldn't tell me here's a 100,000 I may not can go but I ran sure can make sure he has a legal team. But I'll give some strangers 3 million."

Roger went on to fume, "F**k outta here . My truth , my story , my life. 2Faces #Coming soon . OH YOU DIDNT THINK I WOULD TALK ABOUT IT. We'll watch me." Before concluding his message, the former bodyguard stated, "Name one person that has been with Diddy that is well off . Name one? ?? Keep thinking because I'm gonna name them 0."

Just a few days prior, Roger shared a note along with several pictures of him with Diddy and Cassie in public. The message read, "This is not meant to be threats or snitching or anything like that against Cassie or Diddy or anyone else."

"this is me telling my truth as I truly remember it for 2 reasons only," he added. "1st because I have 4 daughters so on all dudes my truth as I seen it, saw it and was involved with it for yrs."

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