Kim Porter Allegedly Confided to Donald Trump Jr.'s Ex She's Afraid of Diddy
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During a live broadcast from the Trump family's Mar-A-Lago estate, the eldest child of the former president says the late motel used to tell his ex-wife Vanessa, 'There was a lot of weird s**t goin' on.'

AceShowbiz - While his father is fighting his case in hush money trial, Donald Trump Jr. apparently has been paying attention to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' legal issues. Surprisingly, the businessman has got a little insight into the rapper's personal life, thanks to his ex-wife connection to Diddy's former partner Kim Porter.

During a live broadcast from the Trump family's Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach, FL, Donald Trump Jr. sat down with DJ Akademiks and dished on Kim's alleged fear of her ex-partner. The former TV presenter said that Kim confided to his ex-wife Vanessa Haydon that she was afraid of the hip-hop mogul for some reasons.

"I grew up in New York," he explained during the interview. "Before politics, I used to get invited to all the cool kids parties. My ex-wife [Vanessa] actually, she was a model in New York, and she was really good friends with Kim Porter."

After Kim died in 2018 at age 47, Donald Trump Jr. said his wife was suspicious about the circumstances of her passing. "Something's up with that," Vanessa allegedly told him. "Dude. Kim used to tell me that it was bad. It was really bad. There was a lot of weird s**t goin' on. She was really afraid of him. And this goes back years." He added, "She was always in fear of something happening."

Donald Trump Jr. isn't the only one who thinks that the nature surrounding Kim's death was suspicious. Kim's other ex Al B. Sure also doesn't believe that she died of an illness. In an Instagram video uploaded in 2020, he was visibly distraught as he cried along to an R&B song.

"The morning of the @soultrainawards @BET pre production @jessecollinsent," he wrote in the caption. "#AlBeez around the [world] I just found this footage from the morning I learned of @LadyKP's aka #KimPorters murder and how it ripped the soul from my physical body. I was on my way to film the pre show packages for the #BETAwards with @tishacampbellmartin & @tichinaarnold when I receive a call from PR icon #QueenieDonaldson asking me if I was ok and did I hear the news."

He continued, "I had no clue. I do know very clearly that #Kimberly didn't just check out all of a sudden over neumonía. That's some bull s**t. Really? This is where I get in trouble. We just celebrated our son @Quincy's new deal and Christmas special with @Netflix, and she was in fantastic health as well laughing seeing me and @Diddy's mutual exchange at the theater. I'm going to leave it here."

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