Halle Bailey Plays Down Nail Salon Drama After Alleged Threats to Salon Owner

The 'Little Mermaid' actress urges her fans to 'be nice to everyone' after the salon owner claims she is afraid to return to work due to the threats her business has been getting.

AceShowbiz - Halle Bailey has played down her nail salon drama which has gone viral after DDG took the matter to his social media page. The singer/actress has asked her fans to "be nice to everyone" after the salon owner claimed she received threats.

The 23-year-old wrote in the comment of The Shade Room's post on Wednesday, November 22, "y'all it is not that serious I just was explaining my day on snapchat and did not name any names." She added of her and her sister Chloe Bailey, "we went to another salon and still got our nails done beautifully lol," before urging other social media users, "Everyone be nice to everyone and calm down about some nails please."

Earlier that day, Halle shared her side of the story. She said she made an appointment at 3:10 P.M. on Tuesday and told them that she would come early, but her sister Chloe would come a few minutes late, which they reportedly told her was fine.

When Halle started to get her nail done, they reportedly took issue with Chloe's tardiness which Halle said she had mentioned earlier. The "Angel" singer admitted she got "irritated" because they came across "rude."

Once Chloe arrived, they refused to treat Chloe, prompting Halle to walk out of the establishment despite getting her nails half done. "I just told her that was unacceptable and rude because I have been a loyal customer," she said in her video.

Previously, DDG made public of Halle's complaint with the salon by blasting it on his X, formerly Twiiter, page. He claimed, "This place is racist towards black people.. they kicked my girlfriend out while doing her nails.." He also asked his followers to leave negative reviews on the salon's Yelp page, writing, "please give them a 1 star.. they don't deserve business..."

Within minutes, the nail salon's reviews section was inundated with comments accusing it of being "rude" and "disrespectful" towards its clients. The nail salon quickly went from a 4 1/2 star to a 2 1/2, forcing the owner to temporarily close down the establishment.

In a follow-up tweet, DDG later thanked his fans for helping him achieve his goal. "good job thank you," he wrote.

The salon owner then spoke up on the allegations, claiming that they turned down Chloe because she arrived way behind the appointment and they were already fully booked that day. She added that in the wake of DDG's tweet, she received threats and phone calls from strangers telling her to "burn in hell" and "kill yourself" among other hateful messages. The woman tearfully added that she's afraid to return to work due to the threats her business has received.

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