Boosie Badazz Called 'Predator' for Saying Boys Should Be 'Pushing P' Before the Age of 16

The Baton Rouge emcee, who has been vocal about not supporting the LGBTQ community, faces backlash after suggesting that boys should have sex before the age of 16 to prevent them from straying 'that way.'

AceShowbiz - Boosie Badazz (Lil Boosie) has been dragged on social media over his recent controversial comment. The "Wipe Me Down" rapper was dubbed "predator" for saying boys should have sex before the age of 16 to prevent them from straying "that way."

"As a father we gotta be more hands on," the 40-year-old declared when appearing on "The Danza Project". He added, "We gotta be more hands on with raising out kids and letting 'em know what's right."

"By the time they're 16, they gotta be pushing P," the Baton Rouge native continued. "By the time they’re 15, you gotta send them to the movies with the girls. They’re gonna get blinded by what they see on TV and things like that. If we just let them watch what everyone's doing, they're gonna stray that way."

Boosie's comment didn't sit well with many users. One person in particular slammed the emcee by writing, "A predator.. This is disgusting." Another asked, "Why do y’all keep giving this man a platform?? he needs help."

Someone else argued, "This is literally molesting ya kids wth going on." A different individual, meanwhile, fumed, "So we just gone act like he didnt just admit to a CRIME ??????????????? ... This yall fav promoting predator, molesting actions but yall gone act like its okay though cause its straight activites and the black community is only against LGBTQ."

Boosie has been vocal about not supporting the LGBTQ community. The rapper himself has been facing homophobia allegations over the years, especially after taunting Lil Nas X multiple times on social media. He started attacking the "Old Town Road" hitmaker when defending DaBaby amid his Rolling Loud controversy in July 2021.

Boosie, however, insisted that he isn't homophobic. "Everybody who speak the truth, they try to make you seem crazy," he said on Math Hoffa's "My Expert Opinion" podcast. "Anything I speak on, I feel deeply that way. Everything I speak, I stand on it. It's just that the world took it out of context, and said that I have something against those people, when I don't."

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