Shannon Beador Attempts to Hide Apparent Face Bruise After DUI, Hit-and-Run Arrest
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The 'Real Housewives of Orange County' star is caught on camera keeping her head down and covering her face with her hair as she steps out of an apartment in Newport Beach, California.

AceShowbiz - Shannon Beador kept her head down as she stepped out following a legal trouble. A few days after getting arrested for DUI alcohol and hit-and-run, the star of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" appeared to have attempted to hide an apparent bruise on her face.

On Wednesday afternoon, September 20, the 59-year-old star was spotted out and about outside an apartment in Newport Beach, California. In pictures obtained and published by Page Six, it could be seen that she had a mark slightly above her left eye.

Shannon was seemingly trying to cover the bruise by keeping her head down and putting her hair in front of her face. In addition, she hid her eyes behind a pair of black sunglasses and covered her arms by wearing a blue shirt that came with long sleeves.

During the outing, the reality TV star was not alone. She was accompanied by her former husband John Janssen as she stood behind him. The former couple was joined by an unidentified man, who was caught on camera carrying a box. All the three of them were stepping down the stairs of the apartment.

This was not the first time Shannon made a public appearance after the arrest. One day prior, she was spotted entering what appeared to be the same apartment in Newport Beach. At the time, she was also accompanied by John. She was photographed from behind while John turned to the camera several times.

Pictures from Shannon's first sighting showed that she did not put her left arm inside one of the long sleeves of her black jacket, seemingly having her left arm in a sling due to her alleged injuries. Her former husband was also seen helping her enter the apartment by opening the door for her.

Later on, confirmed that Shannon suffered a broken arm from her recent car crash. Aside from that, sources told the outlet that her face was "bruised and cut." She allegedly "had to get stitches." Furthermore, the outlet revealed, "She is concerned she'll need plastic surgery and is already thinking about consulting a doctor in preparation for when the stitches come out."

Shannon was arrested due to DUI alcohol and hit-and-run after she smashed her car into a building in Newport Beach on Saturday night. In CCTV footage obtained by TMZ, she could be seen driving at a high speed before the crash. The video also documented her driving away from the damaged building. Later on, she was arrested, "cited and released without bond."

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