Kendall Jenner Called 'Meanie' for Acting Rude to Fans in Resurfaced Video
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The 'Kardashians' star faces backlash for being rude and dismissive at fans in a clip from Victoria's Secret's 2022 Hulu documentary titled 'Angels And Demons'.

AceShowbiz - Kendall Jenner landed in hot water after a video taken at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show backstage resurfaced online. "The Kardashians" star faced backlash for being rude and dismissive at fans during her time as a Victoria's Secret Angel.

In the 2022 clip, which was first seen in a Victoria's Secret Hulu documentary "Angels And Demons" that aired last year, Kendall could be seen interacting with fans. Donning a pink silk robe and seated in a makeup chair, the model was smiling at a phone camera while seemingly taking a selfie with a group of fans gathering behind her.

However, her facial expression quickly turned sour after she's done snapping some pictures. She sported a stoic expression and even appeared to roll her eyes after handing the phone to one of the fans.

After the clip was reshared on Reddit, some users quickly slammed Kendall for her rude behavior. "She's such a meanie b***h," the uploader wrote alongside the seven-second video. In the comments section, fans shared their thoughts on the catwalk beauty.

"This is why I despise Kendall the most. Yea the other sisters can probably be a little rude and they're problematic in their own ways but Kendall is never nice, she's a b***h to everyone," one user noted. "You can just tell that she thinks she's better than everyone, that were beneath her. The other sisters can be rude but at least you hear stories about people meeting them and they are really nice. Kendall is the only one that I've never seen anybody say that she was nice."

Another agreed, saying, "Something about way her face falls as she hitches her robe up with the dead eyes is truly unsettling." One other, meanwhile, was in disbelief that the clip wasn't staged as the person asked, "Is this real? Looks like an snl skit with how over the top rude she is."

"She's such a f**king loser. There's absolutely no excuse to treat people like that. Loser loser loser," one other noted. Another wrote, "Omg, that is horrible. The look and attitude. Ugh."

This wasn't the first time Kendall caught heat over her behavior. Earlier this year, the former star of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" was accused of being rude towards fellow model and friend Gigi Hadid at the 2023 Met Gala. A video saw Kendall clapping with Gigi. She later turned and posed for the cameras, grimacing as she did so.

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