Kendall Jenner Draws Backlash Over Ads for Mercedes-Benz Electric Cars
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Fans blast the 28-year-old as they didn't think that the model and 'The Kardashians' star is the right fit to promote the environment-friendly vehicle.

AceShowbiz - Mercedes-Benz tapped Kendall Jenner to be the star in a new commercial of its electric cars. Fans, however, didn't think that the model was the right fit to promote the environment-friendly vehicle.

In the ad, "The Kardashians" star could be seen walking through the desert toward the SUV. Sporting some natural makeup, the catwalk beauty flaunted her figure in a tight white T-shirt that she paired with black sunglasses.

The commercial later showed off the interior view of the car before Kendall put on her seatbelt, adjusted the mirrors and fiddled with the radio. The catwalk beauty then drove off the car and made a giant circle in the sand.

While the ad was great, Internet users were not happy with the company choosing Kendall for the video. Slamming the 28-year-old, one person asked, "Are you pushing electric cars as damage control from all your sister's private jet use?" Another critic wrote, "You guys are so rich but don’t do anything good for our world."

People didn't think Kendall and her sisters' lifestyle aligned with the message that the company wanted to convey with the car. Kendall's sister Kim Kardashian usually travels with her $150 million private jet. It's said that it took an entire year to build the aircraft, which has two bathrooms. Based on research from Yard, Kim's also been known to be one of the worst air polluters.

Not stopping there, Kendall's younger sister Kylie Jenner owns a private jet worth $72.8 million. According to Celebrity Private Jet Tracker website, Kylie's Bombardier Global 75000 used over 78,000 gallons of jet fuel for only 45 trips. She racked up 76,548 miles which caused 893 metric tons of CO2 pollution.

While Kendall doesn't personally own a private jet, she was seemingly guilty by association. The former girlfriend of Bad Bunny was on some of those flights with their sisters.

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