Linda Evangelista Feels She 'Deserved' to Be Left Disfigured by Failed Cosmetic Procedure
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On the new Apple TV+ docuseries 'The Super Models', the 58-year-old model opens up in an 'emotional' interview about dealing with the trauma caused by botched CoolSculpting.

AceShowbiz - Linda Evangelista felt she "deserved" to be left disfigured by a failed cosmetic procedure. The model, 58, has previously shared how CoolSculpting left her feeling "deformed" and blamed it for causing her to lose her livelihood and left her with bumps "protruding" from her body.

Her trauma is now being addressed on the new Apple TV+ docuseries "The Super Models", which also features Cindy Crawford, 57, Naomi Campbell, 53, and 54-year-old Christy Turlington.

The series directors Roger Ross Williams and Larissa Bill revealed Linda could be seen "processing her emotions in real time, on camera" as she reflected on her ordeal. Roger told the, "It was such an emotional interview... she was saying she deserved it and I was like, No, you don't deserve this. But it was what she felt. She was just so honest about it."

"Larissa and I were in tears, and so was everyone in the crew," Roger continued. "It was like an emotional interview from beginning to end, we were crying all the time. I'm surprised we even got anything. She was letting so much out that she had never talked about before. You see her feeling guilty and processing in real time on camera, and that was an incredible interview."

Linda fought depression after she suffered from a rare reaction to CoolSculpting, meant to decrease her fat cells, but which instead left them enlarged. Linda spent six years as a virtual recluse following her rare reaction. She told British Vogue she was left "so depressed" she "hated" herself.

In September 2022, Linda took to her Instagram to announce that she had filed a lawsuit, now settled, in New York against Zeltiq Aesthetics for grievous injuries. The mum-of-one, whose exes include former husband and "Blue Velvet" actor Kyle MacLachlan, 64, said, "If I had known side effects may include losing your livelihood and you'll end up so depressed that you hate yourself… I wouldn’t have taken that risk."

"Am I cured mentally? Absolutely not. But I’m so grateful for the support I got from my friends and from my industry," she added. "You're not going to see me in a swimsuit, that's for sure. It's going to be difficult to find jobs with things protruding from me; without retouching, or squeezing into things, or taping things or compressing or tricking."

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