Linda Evangelista Opens Up About Her 'Crazy' Metabolism When She Was Younger

The 58-year-old Canadian supermodel explains that she 'could eat anything' but never exercised during her heyday because she burned through calories really fast.

AceShowbiz - Linda Evangelista only started exercising when she was almost 30 because her "crazy" metabolism kept her catwalk ready. The 58-year-old Canadian model launched her career when she was 19 after being signed to Elite Model Management, moving to New York City for work. Linda then lived in Paris as her star began to shine, but quickly found she struggled to maintain her weight due to her fast metabolism burning through calories.

"Back in the day, I could eat anything," she said to Ruth Rogers on her "Ruthie's Table 4" podcast when opening up about her diet difficulties. Ruth then enquired about what sort of metabolism she had, to which Linda replied, "Crazy, crazy."

Linda continued, "I think it started to slow down close to 30. I started working out when I was 27, 28, cos I was like, 'Oh, things are a little different.' And back then if you overindulged for too long if you cut back on everything for three days, you would drop five pounds. Now, it is very easy to gain five pounds in a weekend."

Linda emphasized that she was shocked to find her metabolism suddenly changed as she got older, and revealed the dietary tactics she would use to stay in shape. She said, "I had to work on keeping the weight on. And then there became a period where I had to really watch and I started doing cleansers all the time, and I loved doing these cleansers, but I think they were very harmful to me."

"I would do like medicinal cleansers where it is like a powdered drink, or I would go to We Care once or twice a year for a week [Palm Springs]. You just do liquids, it's mostly waters with lemon and mint and teas and you get a glass of juice a day, and you get a very diluted, watered down vegetable once a day called a soup."

Linda then revealed that she now allows herself to eat whatever she wants, as long as it is "the best" quality and doesn't affect her weight. She said, "If I'm going to eat pasta, that's like an indulgence for me, cos I try and watch my weight and be healthy. I always have. If I'm going to eat pasta, it's got to be great. If I'm going to eat a steak, I mean I eat everything, it can't be a crappy steak. It has to be, like, the best steak."

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