T.I. and Tiny Slammed After Their Son King Harris Pays Homeless Man to Do the 'One Chip Challenge'

The 19-year-old and his famous parents land in hot water after he shares a video of him telling a homeless man that he'd give him $50 to eat the spicy chip without drinking for five minutes.

AceShowbiz - T.I. and Tiny (Tameka Cottle) came under fire over their son's recent act. The married couple was slammed by many social media users after King Harris shared a video of him offering a homeless man $50 to participate in the Paqui "one chip challenge."

In the clip, the 19-year-old could be heard telling the man that he'd give him $50 to eat the spicy chip. The teenager said he had to go for five minutes without drinking to complete the challenge.

The man accepted the offer, but shortly after eating the snack, he looked to be in pain. Someone then gave a bottle of water to the homeless man, but Harris insisted he couldn't drink it.

Harris and his friends were laughing as they watched the man struggling. Eventually, the man drank the water before the challenge was up, and Harris gave him $20 instead of $50.

The video was re-shared by The Shade Room on Instagram, prompting people to drag Harris' famous parents, T.I. and Tiny. "@tip get yo son. He is out here ruining ya legacy in these streets. Sons of Kings shouldn't act like this," one person raged.

Another fumed, "T.i & Tiny need to come get their son. Like why would u treat a homeless person like that." A third echoed the sentiment, "TI and Tiny, get your damn son!!!" Someone else argued, "this what happens when u raise entitled children & refuse to hold them accountable for their actions."

Others, meanwhile, chose to attack the young rapper himself. "It's sad watching this child who had a life of privilege self-destruct," one user opined, while another noted, "These folks really starting to piss me off. Homeless people aren't your entertainment. Tf. Better humble yourselves."

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