Moneybagg Yo Responds to Accusation He Throws Fake Money at His Concert

After being accused of throwing fake money during his concert, the 'If Pain Was a Person' rapper declares that the allegation was a 'big cap' via social media.

AceShowbiz - Moneybagg Yo has broken silence on an accusation leveled at him. After being accused of throwing fake money during his concert, the "If Pain Was a Person" rapper did not hold back in giving his response via social media.

The 31-year-old hip-hop star made use of Instagram Story to set the record straight on the allegation. Over a black screen, he wrote, "Yall just wanna say my name for anything I see. I might throw ones but ion care how much money I got I'm not throwing out real or fake hunnids." He went on to stress, "Wrong Man s**t big Capp !!"

Previously, one of his female fans, who went to his recent show with her son, claimed that money thrown during the gig was not real. In a video that the fan uploaded via social media, she said, "Look at this, they are in there throwing fake money." In the clip, she was sitting in a car with her son, who appeared to be less than 15 years old, while showing off the money.

"My son is all excited and they in there throwing fake money. Y'all I can't make this s**t up. Why even throwing money?" she went on to ask. "Throw that s**t out the window," she then told her son. "Y'all done hurt my poor little feelings. But why would y'all do that, just don't throw no money y'all don't even have to throw no money."

The footage was later reposted on Instagram by blog @theneightborhoodtalk. It did not take long for the post to be bombarded with online responses. In the comments section, one Instagram user criticized the woman by writing, "Yo son has no business listening to Money bag in the first place, better know that damn homework like he knows the songs."

Similarly, another questioned, "Why she take that lil a** boy to a money bag yo concert? All that cursing and weed smoke they do at rap shows smh." A third pointed out, "Why is he at a moneybag yo concert anyways and who tf you think about to throw hundreds at a concert [smiling face with tears of joy emojis]."

A fourth, in the meantime, suggested that the woman was telling the truth. "Why would she lie tho ? Like what she getting out it ? Probably didnt even think she would go viral I doubt she lying," the comment read.

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