Steve Harvey 'So Pissed Off' After Employee Posted Negative Tweet From His Account
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The 'Family Feud' host slams his staffer for putting out a tweet which asked his followers to name a comedian who isn't funny, insisting that it doesn't match his character.

AceShowbiz - Steve Harvey isn't having it after one of his staff members almost ruined his reputation. The comedian admitted he's "so pissed off" after an employee posted a negative tweet from his account on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Taking some time from his fishing trip to film a video of himself, the 66-year-old said in the clip which was uploaded on Friday, August 25, "Hi! I've got to take some time to address this." He began explaining, "Somebody worked for me on my Twitter, put a statement out there. It was totally negative."

Steve said he took "responsibility" for it because "he worked for me." Still, he decried the tweet as saying, "But the engagement he was talking about - 'Name a comedian y'all think ain't funny.' Why would I do something like that? That even made no damn sense."

"My whole brand is to be motivational," the "Family Feud" host insisted. "I'm all about positivity. I would never done none like. Damn, I'm so pissed off right now."

In his excuse, the employee allegedly told Steve he "was trying to get some engagement." Hinting that the man responsible for the tweet has been fired, Steve added, "Okay, okay. You try get some employment too."

Steve added that as the result he now has to be taking his own selfie. "My bad, y'all. ...So here it is. I'm sorry, man. My bad, y'all. It won't happen again," he reiterated before ending the clip.

The tweet in question read, "A Comedian you don't find funny at all?" Many admitted that they were puzzled when they first read the tweet as it didn't sound like Steve at all.

"I thought it was a little off when I saw it because it didn't match his character. I believe that he didn't post it. Also, what old head is actively on Twitter now known as X?" one person reacted to his apology. Another commented, "When I saw this the tweet I found it odd, as a comedian it didn't make sense." A third similarly weighed in, "Crazy I saw that post and kept scrolling because I thought it was distasteful coming from a king of comedy. Glad to see he wasn't wit it either."

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