Rosie O'Donnell Claims She Still Doesn't Trust Ellen DeGeneres After She Said They're 'Not Friends'

The 61-year-old said the former host of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' texted her, claiming that she didn't remember the moment she claimed they were 'not friends.'

AceShowbiz - Rosie O'Donnell was still hurt by Ellen DeGeneres' past comment. The "Now and Then" star revealed in an interview that she still doesn't trust the latter after she claimed they're "not friends."

When speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the 61-year-old said of the former host of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", "She texted me a few weeks ago checking in, seeing how I'm doing, and I asked her how she's surviving not being on TV." She added, "But we've had our weirdness in our relationship. I don't know if it's jealousy, competition or the fact that she said a mean thing about me once that really hurt my feelings."

Of what Ellen texted her, Rosie recalled, 'I'm really sorry and I don't remember that.' Rosie then explained, "I guess she saw me talk about it on Andy Cohen's show. I remembered it so well, I had T-shirts printed and I gave them to my staff that said 'I don't know Rosie. We're not friends.' I have a picture of her holding [my then-infant son] Parker. I know her mother. I could identify her brother without her in the room. I knew her for so many years. It just felt like I don't trust this person to be in my world."

When appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" back in September 2022, Rosie said she was hurt by Ellen's remark during an interview with Larry King. At that time, Ellen claimed, "I don't know Rosie. We're not friends."

Reflecting on the comment, Rosie recounted, "I was in bed with Kelli [Carpenter], and I said, 'Did I just hear that or was that a hallucination, auditory voice in my [head]?' " She recounted, "It hurt my feelings, like a baby, and I never really got over it."

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