Rosie O'Donnell Dishes How She's 'Most Proud' of Her Children
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In a new interview, the former talk show gushes over her three adoptive children, saying, 'I cannot imagine life without them in it, filling our world with color.'

AceShowbiz - Rosie O'Donnell "cannot imagine life" without her children. The 61-year-old comedienne has adopted children Parker, 28, Chelsea, 26, Blake, 23, Vivienne, 20, and nine-year-old Dakota and admitted that she is particularly proud of them because they are all so "unique."

She told Entertainment Tonight, "My children know that helping people is what life is about. They have always followed my example. I'm most proud of my children for loving as they do. They are unique individuals who fill my life with everything good. I cannot imagine life without them in it, filling our world with color."

The former talk show host went on to share her hopes for the future as she noted that wants each of her children to be able to live as their "authentic" selves. She said, "I hope they have learned to live authentically, with a huge heart, full of compassion and humility."

The "Flintstones" star previously insisted that it was a "blessing" to be able to watch her own children grow up because her own mother never got the chance to do so after passing away at the age of just 39 even though she is occasionally shocked by her aging appearance. She said, "I'm one who enjoys getting older."

"I'm one who enjoys getting older," she continued. "Sometimes I look in the mirror [or] I catch a glimpse and I go, 'Oh, there's an old lady! Oh, no, it's me.' Like the physical changes, you don't see yourself as you are, you know? [But] it's just wonderful."

"I'm glad I have the opportunity to grow up and to be here for my kids and to get to enjoy life, because of all the immense gifts that I've been given," she added. "My mom never got to experience any of this, you know, and I'm so happy that I almost feel like I'm doing it with her, you know?"

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