Sherri Shepherd Flustered After Her Wig Falls Off in the Midst of Live Show
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Experiencing the mishap during filming for 'Sherri', the daytime talk show's host delights her audience when she throws her fallen wig and continues on with the show.

AceShowbiz - Sherri Shepherd has been left flustered on her show "Sherri". While live filming for an episode of her daytime talk show, the 56-year-old host experienced what could have been an embarrassing mishap as she unexpectedly had her wig fall off from her head.

On Tuesday, May 30, the TV personality was in the middle of a segment when she jumped out of her chair, prompting her wig to slide off her head. She was at the time passionately telling the story of how preacher Sarah Jakes Roberts dealt with having her wig fall off during a sermon.

Startled by the incident, Sherri sat back down and held her wig in her hands. As her audience cheered and clapped in support of her, the "Dancing with the Stars" alum decided to throw away her wig and continued on with her show. "Oh, my God! And what are you gonna do?...The show gotta go on," she declared. "The show must go on. And you just gotta do it and take a job."

Prior to the mishap, Sherri told her audience about her own experience with wigs. "Here's the thing, when you wear wigs, you are trusting the person that put the wig on, that it's going to be secure," she first pointed out. "The thing about wigs is when it starts sliding, you can feel it slide."

"Because you will start out with it down here, and all of a sudden, it starts making its way up. Especially if the wig weighs a lot," she continued explaining. "And all you can do is what Sarah Jakes did, which is pull it forward." She then noted that there is "nothing you can do" when the wig slipped down, adding, "You can't throw down the mic and walk out and go fix it. The show must go on."

As for Sarah herself, the founder of the motivational organization Women Evolve addressed her wig incident via Instagram on May 28. "Today I was preaching and I could feel my wig slipping. My message was more important to me than maintaining my appearance so I took it off, locked in, and kept preaching," she recalled in the caption.

Explaining why she decided to completely take off her wig, Sarah explained, "What moved me the most was seeing how many women joined me in getting courageously vulnerable, real, and free. Literally, wigs coming off everywhere. I can't even imagine what God is going to do in September when we gather for Woman Evolve."

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