Tina Turner Found Love Beyond Her 'Wildest Dreams' After Traumatizing Marriage to Ike Turner

The late Queen of Rock and Roll had her dream wedding with Erwin Bach but initially thought she wouldn't find love again after being subjected to horrifying abuse by her first husband.

AceShowbiz - Tina Turner was glad no one at her wedding "minded the bride was aged 73." The late "Private Dancer" singer was overjoyed when she finally found love again with German music producer Erwin Bach, 67, following her abusive marriage to her former music partner Ike Turner, and married him at their home in Switzerland in 2013.

"My wedding day could not have been more perfect or spectacular - and no one minded a bit that the bride was aged 73," she told in her brutally honest autobiography "My Love Story" about the big day.

"I'd organised the whole thing myself, and that included importing more than 100,000 roses to bedeck the grounds of our home in Switzerland. As friends gathered, sipping champagne on that glorious day in July 2013, the air was filled with the most wonderful scent."

She said about her choice of music at the event, "A lot of thought had gone into my choice of wedding music. If you listen to Frank Sinatra's 'My Way', the words fit my life perfectly: 'The record shows I took the blows /And did it my way.' I had to have that one! Despite my famously abusive first marriage to Ike Turner, I'd managed to find love beyond my wildest dreams."

Tina was beaten with a shoe straightener by Ike as he didn't want to hurt his guitar playing hand and he subjected her to sex she said felt like rape. But she said about only agreeing to marry Erwin - who was by her side when she died aged 83 from "natural causes" last week - after his second proposal, "I just wanted to be with Erwin more and more."

"I wasn't looking for a husband; I just wanted to be loved. Childhood - never loved. Past relationships - never loved. My whole life - never really loved. More than anything, I needed to feel that Erwin loved me. And he did. He really did."

"In 1989, when I was about to turn 50, he proposed… I felt good. I'd never smoked or taken drugs. I was still in good shape after 50 years of intensive stage workouts. I still looked pretty good, too: in 2013, German Vogue asked me to be on its cover. I think I can safely say that, at 73, I was the oldest cover 'girl' in Vogue's history at that point."

"The year before, Erwin had proposed once again, and this time I'd answered with an emphatic 'Yes! It was a commitment that didn't come easily to me, but I knew he was the love of my life."

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