Kathleen Turner Deems Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Michael Douglas 'Scornful' for Bedding Bet
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The 'Romancing the Stone' actress opens up about how she felt after the 'Wall Street' actor told her about the secret sex competition he and his Hollywood star pals hatched years before.

AceShowbiz - Kathleen Turner felt "scornful" after she learned Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Michael Douglas had a contest over who could bed her first. The "Romancing the Stone" actress was fresh from her big-screen debut as Matty Walker in 1981 hit "Body Heat" and was having dinner with the trio of Hollywood stars when they hatched the secret competition.

It wasn't until years later, when Michael let their plan slip, that Kathleen, who never bedded any of the actors, realized she was at the center of their sex contest. The 68-year-old mother of one told the Daily Mail about being naive at the time, "Well, I was the hot new thing and they were hot things and we were all supposed to link up, only nobody bothered to tell me that!"

When asked how she felt after 78-year-old Michael told her about the sex contest, Kathleen, who had 35-year-old singer daughter Rachel Ann Weiss with ex-husband Jay Weiss, confessed, "Scornful."

Kathleen, who will return to TV screens this week on Sky's new Watergate drama "White House Plumbers", added she was able to tackle Hollywood sleazes. She said, "They didn't bother me much - one good look from me was like, 'Drop dead, OK?' "

Kathleen, who divorced her real estate businessman husband Jay in 2007 after a 23-year marriage, also said about not dating stars, "I've always considered male actors much more vain than women. I've never seen one pass a mirror yet."

Kathleen added to the Mail she never ended up sleeping with her "Romancing the Stone" co-star Michael as his estranged first wife Diandra Luker turned up on set while they were shooting and the actress decided, "You don't mess with another woman's husband."

The actress also said a romantic relationship may have ruined their on-screen chemistry as she considered Michael a misogynist. She added, "Michael was a very active man and I was not. So I think our lifestyles would not have worked out. He's a misogynist. He was. But I think Catherine (Zeta-Jones, his wife since 2000) changed him."

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