Ari Fletcher Teases Potential OnlyFans Account to Boost MoneyBagg Yo's New Album Sales

The social media star promises to launch her OnlyFans account if her on-and-off boyfriend's upcoming mixtape 'Hard to Love: Heartless Edition' ranks No. 1 on music charts.

AceShowbiz - Ari Fletcher is a supportive girlfriend and she knows what to do to help promote MoneyBagg Yo's upcoming new album. The social media star has promised that she will join OnlyFans if her boyfriend's next mixtape ranks No. 1 on music charts.

Ari teased her potential new venture on the adult-only platform to boost the sales of MoneyBagg's mixtape on Tuesday, May 23. Taking to Twitter, she wrote, "When Bagg drop his mixtape and go #1 I'm making my onlyfans."

Ari further teased about the content on her potential OnlyFans account as claiming, "I already got my first video ready..." She went on adding, "somebody tell him to hurry up."

Ari and MoneyBagg have been dating on-and-off since 2019. In 2022, she revealed in a YouTube video that she was once pregnant with his kid, but she suffered a miscarriage.

Earlier this month, Ari explained her reluctance to marry MoneyBagg. "I wanna get proposed to, I wanna have a wedding," the mother of one explained to special guest Queen Naija and her other friends in an episode of her #DinnerWithTheDon YouTube series. "I want to be married, but without the paper," she added, before the R&B singer suggested that she get married in a spiritual ceremony.

Ari further elaborated that she wants to protect her assets should the marriage don't work. "This n***a got eight kids, so you know, his baby mamas could come after me! If they put him on child support, I'm on child support too," the 27-year-old ranted.

Many agreed with Ari and supported her decision, with one saying, "She's not wrong because it does happen. She's thinking about her money and the welfare of her child. I can dig it." Another added, "She is a realist. Look at Mary J. Blige. She just knew that was her soul mate and look how he and his kids ended up coming for everything she worked for."

Meanwhile, MoneyBagg has announced that his new mixtape "Hard to Love: Heartless Edition" will arrive on May 26.

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